Tucker and his skunky playmate


There was a time when the little trouble maker got sprayed by a skunk which caused a great smell to perfume the house for days after.

This time, I wasn’t there. I got a text prior to 8 am that a major stinky crisis was averted because he “woke up the whole neighbourhood” with his yelling but it stopped the dog from getting the spray. Thankfully.

I think Tucker thought it was a playmate. From what I understood, the skunk was on the lawn and when Tucker was led out for his morning pee, he saw the skunk before the human did and of course he wanted to play. Seems the skunk was spooked enough to lift his tail but when Tucker heard the very stressed-out human yelling at him, he stopped for a moment, just long enough for the skunk to escape.


It never ends, does it… πŸ˜€

I bet it’s the same skunk from the first time he made this close encounter. The house next door is still unoccupied and almost engulfed by weeds and bush, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the skunk lives there…

Meanwhile, I chatted with my girl child on the phone a bit later this morning. Seems her dad woke her up at 7 am and told her to ‘sniff your dog’.

None of my people have a good sense of smell, even when they’re not sick, and currently it seems all of them are battling some form of mild head cold. Which of course impedes their sense of smell…

I’m just glad I wasn’t there today hah.

By the way my baby turned 14 this week, and she was the last one of a long string of birthdays and other events that we celebrate between back to school and her special day.

She wanted a strawberry shortcake cake which is weird during pumpkin spice season but whatever. I found one at a local FarmBoy in the suburbs and brought it with me when I visited the house.

It’s a cool, rainy day today, perfect time to catch up on writing, jewelry making and working out. Later, I am going out and tomorrow…

I think I might be going to a rink. Maybe. πŸ˜›

9 thoughts on “Tucker and his skunky playmate

  1. The bright side to a neighbourhood skunk is they become used to people and even dogs and more likely to, well, save the spray.
    The brighter side is your daughter had a great birthday and I hope Tucker got a bite of cake.

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    1. No cake for Tucker! That’s all he needs, to be sugared up… πŸ™„

      I tried to leave a comment in your about page for you but it takes me to facebook and I don’t go there anymore…

      Just wanted to say I really like your About page! Very unique and funny. Also, what’s with the pudding thing? lol

      Welcome to my blog. I will read yours, too. πŸ™‚

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