Missing: logic and common sense

I took my mom to an early morning appointment the other day. When we were done I suggested we go to a nearby mall and have a coffee in the food court.

I used to work at that mall when I was a teenager. My mom worked there for almost 30 years as well.

It’s been renovated a few times, and is currently quite bright, much more so than during my youth.

But it was eerily empty.

Granted it was shortly after opening time, but typically the mall used to be quite busy at that time of day. Especially the food court where the coffee shop and seating area were often populated by little groups of seniors. Some of the seniors, women mostly, would use the mall for exercise; they were affectionately called mall walkers.

Another regular feature was the puppies-in-training for the blind (seeing eyes dogs). The trainers would take the puppies and teach them how to navigate stairs and escalators…

But none of that is happening anymore.

Instead, there’s a security guard at the entrance of the seating area in the food court. He stood behind a plexiglass shield mounted to a table and demanded to see proof of vaccine along with some photo ID.

It’s baffling, isn’t it. Who are these people making these rules?

At least I was able to use the restroom… It wasn’t that long ago when they kept the restrooms shut because they were unable to sanitize after each patron used the facilities.

Given the fact that there is running water with soap in these facilities one might think this is a good thing during a pandemic rampant with infectious diseases…

There I am taking a selfie in the restroom mirror of the very empty and very clean public bathroom.

In fact I should point out I was wearing two pieces of my own homemade jewelry for the occasion of being out of the house and out in public. Let me show you!

Both the necklace and the bracelet are available for sale. Leave me a comment if you’re interested, or check my jewelry tab.

So there it go. Proof of vaccine life in pandemic Canada. Such fun. πŸ™„

17 thoughts on “Missing: logic and common sense

  1. Since many of the malls of my youth have been torn down now it’s nice to see one still functioning, even if it is eerily empty. I think having to show your papers to sit down and have coffee, though, was a clear case of β€œNo reason, just policy.”

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  2. Maybe the sitting and eating proof is cuz you go bare-facedπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    The arena thing is scary! I was freaked out at an outdoor concert cuz we were all on top of each other. I kept my mask on the entire time.

    I’m thankful that California has gone hard-core on safety side. We’re even requiring vaxx schools… everyone 12+ It makes sense. They have to have chicken pox vaccine so why not add covid?

    I’m glad you got to do the public thing without too many people. A few people is good… crowds, no thanks!πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

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  3. Looking at the Ontario government site, “indoor areas of restaurants, bars, and other food or drink establishments” is the only part of the mall that would fall under the proof of vaccination requirements. The mall is going to want to maximize people coming in and not restrict any more people than they have to, so that’s probably why they’re only checking in the area the province requires them to. The requirement is probably more for the sake of standalone restaurants and food courts just happen to fall under that general category.

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    1. I get why the mall is following that protocol. Strictly from the risk of spread side of things it makes no sense to me. Also, they lifted restrictions in arenas – the fans are sitting, eating and drinking packed like sardines.

      There’s no consistency or common sense.


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  4. It’s a crazy new world and clearly we’re not all on the same planet. If checking vaccination cards is protocol, the entry doors would seem the appropriate place… anything else is too little too late. But empty clean restrooms are a nice perk.

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  5. Yes, many of the protocols seem illogical. Covid is an airborne disease so plenty of ventilation and properly wearing masks are key to preventing its spread. All the handwashing and surface cleaning are reassuring more than anything else.

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