Sunday morning in mid-October šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦

I’m lying in bed with a coffee anticipating my day’s events.

I’ll be mostly out of the house today.

The kids came over to see grandma last night and we had Thanksgiving dinner. My mom made bruschetta as an appetizer.

The baked ones I packed for them to take home, the not yet baked ones went into the toaster oven when they arrived.

The whole house smelled like roasted garlic, tomatoes and basil! šŸ„°

Five minutes after they arrived, this happened.

Because teenagers. šŸ˜›

Meanwhile, my mom and I cooked this:

I got half a turkey this year, and covered it with bacon after seasoning it, and stuffing the open cavity with sage and parsley. It came out perfect, by the way. So good!

There’s a bit left which I will take to the other house today and make soup for them.

The girl child slept over with me and grandma because she has practice today. I’ll be taking her to that since the boys have hockey at the same time. Let the scheduling conflicts begin! šŸ™„

The plan is to head to the house to get her equipment, and I’ll pick up Tucker and take him with me to the rink. While she’s on the ice I’ll give Tucker a good walk around the ski hill near the arena.

It says it’ll feel like 25Ā° C (77Ā°F) so I better pack some water for poochie. šŸ¾

I am not looking forward to cold wet weather. Today will be perfect and I can’t wait to get some outdoor exercise. šŸ˜€

I have been diligently working out to my Asana Rebel app downstairs in my mom’s basement. The program contains quite a bit of yoga poses which I found difficult to execute and maintain when I first started. It’s been about four weeks and on average I work out at least four days a week, sometimes five.

The progress is astonishing.

I promised to write about it at some point, maybe next week I’ll get a chance. These are the two I’ve done:

I’ve done Shred It more than the Stretch & Strengthen, which is mostly yoga. The first time I did that second one I found it too difficult. I tried again after two weeks of Shred It and managed to hold the yoga positions about 80% of the time which surprised me. It’s really quite astonishing how well, and quickly, the body adapts to even minor fitness adjustments.

Anyway, I’ll write up a more detailed thing later. Just hear this:

Don’t be discouraged if at first an exercise or fitness program doesn’t make you feel like it’s working. Keep at it. A few weeks is not a long time, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much better you’ll feel.

Happy Sunday! See you in the comments.

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