A string of mishaps first thing this morning

For days now I noticed a wet spot at the bottom of the vanity, right by the sink.

I thought it was because I dribble and splash when I wash up and kept a towel handy to wipe up the spills.

This morning, I took something out from the cabinet underneath the sink and noticed the container of the item was wet.

I touched some other items. Wet.

Great. I must have a leak.

After collecting some old dog towels and a bucket I cleared out the cabinet and noticed there was, in fact, a leak.

I struggled to get the plastic caps dismantled but finally managed and drained the pipe.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t even badly clogged.

I looked closer at the metal part of the pipe and saw how it was all calcified and brittle. Old, basically.


This wasn’t the first thing that went south this morning.

Last night I did something I didn’t really understand involving domains and something called DNS and A records and long story short, my website/blog disappeared.

A follower emailed me she wasn’t able to access my latest post so I went to bed worried I lost everything I’ve ever done on WP.

Next, I justified that I needed a break from the internet anyway and went to sleep.

This morning, I got two emails from income streams connected to my website which alerted me to the fact that I need my website active and functional and so I texted Jonathan.

I messed something up, I cried to him.

Some of you know Jonathan is an internet guru, an IT specialist, a father of multiple girls and an authority on all things laundry.

He saved my day. πŸ₯°

Before coffee! πŸ˜€

So now I’m sitting here, having my second coffee at 10:30 am instead of at 6:30 am (because typically I’m a very early riser) wondering what else will happen today.

I’m not usually superstitious but don’t they say things happen in threes?

Which reminds me, my tire pressure on the driver side looks a little low…

I’m going to blame my mishaps on the Mercury Retrograde and the New Moon in Libra but will keep in mind that I keep seeing number sequences which I’m told are guardian angels sending messages that I am protected.

Yesterday I saw 11:11 and 5:55… The day before it was 1:11 and 2:22, the latter which incidentally I’ve been seeing repeatedly all week.

Strange things are happening in my world…

On top of it, my stint of Tucker sitting, which was supposed to last two days, lasted for four and the little trouble maker is still here as I type this. He’s been so hyper and energetic, he’s wearing me out! Luckily he’s getting picked up today… There’s three of them to share his care back at their house whereas here, it’s just me (mostly).

Having said that, it’s been nice having the diversions and the outdoor exercise. I don’t do as much walking when I don’t have Tucker which means I miss places like this:

This spot is about a 10-minute walk from the house and located behind an arena which is converted into a covid test center. Every morning when I pass by there I see families with young children standing in line… Makes me wonder just how many schools have been affected by covid cases.

Anyway that’s it for me today! Wish me luck that the rest of my day will go smoothly… πŸ™ƒ

24 thoughts on “A string of mishaps first thing this morning

  1. HI Claudette,
    I am glad that you got things figured out with your blog.
    Everyone needs a Jonathan in their corner.
    I haven’t made any changes to my blog since it started (almost 10 years ago) because I am afraid of messing up something.
    I hope the rest of the day was smooth sailing.
    Blessings! β™₯β™₯

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  2. It is very interesting how bad or annoying things seem to happen in threes, I have always wondered why. Do good things also happen in threes and we just don’t pay attention as much to those.
    is it like a heart beat and the ebb and flow of energy positive and negative?
    I don’t understand much on the technical end of computing, and I am always aware that I could mess things up completely without knowing what I have done or how to correct it. Thank god you have Jonathan in your corner.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good to know that Tucker is keeping you alert. Strangely enough I have been “pesky and annoying” for the last few days too so maybe its a beagle thing. Having said that I am apparently eleven and “should know better”.

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  4. Days like that get so ridiculous that allyou can do is laugh… or curl up and cry. I prefer the laughing optionπŸ˜‰

    Yay! For Jonathan! Your IT Knight, riding to your rescueπŸ₯³πŸ’ƒπŸΌ I haven’t changed anything on my blog cuz I’m afraid my phone will literally blow up. (I do everything from my phone cuz Ben breaks things. Not buying a laptop to see it smashed 2 days later)

    Mercury retro is messing with a lot of people. The traffic jam in Libra isn’t helping either. Mercury was retro when I was born, so I actually prefer it. Yes, I’m strange, but we already knew thatπŸ˜‰

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