Blogging for blogging’s sake

I have nothing of importance to say today so I will just empty my head and share my drivel like this:

Tucker the Beagle teenager

I picked up the Beagle on Sunday and brought him with me to my mom’s.

Which reaction should I choose to document here today do you think? Sigh? OMG? lol?


Poochie is an adolescent now but still very puppyish and frankly, it’s beginning to wear on me. I mean, I’m getting almost nothing done, and he gets walked three times a day!

You’d think he’d be tired after the walks. Well, you’d be wrong. πŸ˜›

But it’s all good(ish). He’s been manageable and the change of scenery was good for him (and the variety was good for us, my mom and I). Mom sits on her tv chair to watch her shows, recuperating her broken bone, and puppy snuggles with her. It’s nice, you know?

He also sleeps with her. Which she allowed, so I allowed it.

Anyway, last night though, he was humping every blanket and towel he could reach.

Note: it’s mud season. There are towels near the doors to wipe puppy paws with. I try to explain to Tucker they are not girlfriends, but he doesn’t listen to me. πŸ™„

The plan is to keep him another day and then I’ll return him to the family on Wednesday. My hope is that later today he will be more tired than usual.

Because…he will be exercised beyond his normal walk; one of the appointments my mom has today is located down by the lake. I will take the Beagle with me and after I help mom up the stairs to her appointment, I will rescue Tucker from the car and take him for a good walk down by the marina.

Let’s hope that will ensue in a calmer evening than what we experienced last night.

MIA – Tarot Tuesday

I know it’s Tarot Tuesday today. I know I posted for Tarot Tuesday last week on Monday. I know I’m confused. What else is new?

I’m not doing Tarot Tuesday today. Tune in next week (hopefully) and I’ll get my schedule back on track.

Meanwhile, you can read about my Tarot Tuesday journey here.

Learning new terms: Breadcrumbing

I learned a new term the other day: breadcrumbing. Do you know what this is?

After I researched this term a little I realized I had been breadcrumbed for much of my adult life.

I must find a cure to this annoying habit, allowing myself to be breadcrumbed.

Essentially, breadcrumbing is leading someone on, a term GenX are familiar with. It means someone – doesn’t have to be a romantic interest, can be a friend – sends out enough messages to make you think they’re interested in you. In other words, the breadcrumbing person is dropping enough morsels to make you think they want to develop something with you but it becomes clear soon enough that they have no intention of following through with tangible actions.

In romantic liaisons, this could lead to devastating self-esteem issues in some people. I remember a few incidents in my youth where I misunderstood the attention I was given. I took their flirtatious messages as genuine interest and responded with that belief, which only led to confusion and heartbreak later when I realized I was just a backup option, not the main event.

It makes me think of one-way-street friendships and relationships. I’ve had my share and I’m done.

Today, breadcrumbing is rampant in the online dating world. I don’t know anything about that personally, but I remember the feelings from decades ago. It made me reflect on a few friendships I have lost in the past decades as well.

There is a shift in mentality that happens when (some) people reach midlife. They learn that life on their own is oftentimes better than life with a toxic person who fakes interest or uses you as the fall-back if someone else doesn’t work out. They have many trick up their sleeves to make you believe – don’t fall for them. Trust your gut and your intuition.

I have never been uncomfortable with solitude, although I will readily admit that sometimes too much solitude is not exactly a good thing, either. However, if you have enough interests and activities to keep yourself busy, cutting off people who don’t contribute positively to your life shouldn’t be too difficult.

Keep an eye out for breadcrumbers. They are out there. Don’t let them define your worth – you don’t need them to feel your own worth. If you have teenagers, impart this lesson on them, too. It’s important to keep the dialogue open with all these terms flying around the internet…

MIA – the sun

Finally, what is happening with the weather around here? We’ve had grey and drizzly days since the weekend. Although it isn’t particularly cold right now, it does feel a bit gloomy. I’m not ready for gloom just yet so if anyone knows where the sun is, send it to Toronto, please and thank you.

33 thoughts on “Blogging for blogging’s sake

  1. Oh, Tucker! Adorable companion.
    Never heard of breadcrumbing either, except in the kitchen. Every day one learns something new πŸ™‚
    On another note, I got the necklace and bracelet and they are lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Breadcrumbing is incredibly common in the online dating world. A person chats and engages just enough to string you along while perhaps actively pursuing others. Crappy behavior. You are right that the best way to combat it is to stay busy and active,so there is less space in your life and brain for that person.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Never heard of breadcrumbing… I don’t think older Daughter has either. I haven’t heard her use itπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I am VERY familiar with the practice. My dear ol Mother is the queen of such action. She only wants to talk or see me when her ex-husband/roommate isn’t available πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I prefer my own company, and there’s always my Big Dumb DogπŸ€ͺ

    We had a freakin thunderstorm last night!😲 I got a picture of lightning… I was very excited. It happened at sunset, so… ya know… I took a few (50-60) photos🀣🀣🀣 I may have a problemπŸ˜†
    The SoCal Sun is playing hide & seek. Mostly hiding… and it was 95Β°F only 2 days ago… What the Hello Kitty?!


  4. Breadcrumbing…a new term but not a new experience. It’s not always easy to realize you’re being used, until you find yourself in deeper than you wanted and regretting it. Your picture of Tucker is classic Beagle. That ever alert pose, eagerly awaiting anything of interest.

    Liked by 1 person

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