Here we go again…

My entire news feed is populated with food and fuel scarcity articles, supply chain issues and a labour shortage.

When will people realize that this is called fear mongering?

Seriously, I’m losing my patience with this bullshit.

Simultaneously I see how the pandemic-ized economy impacts our budgets, especially when it comes to food. The prices have skyrocketed… And the result is not pretty.

Many people have less, go hungry or pass on adequate medical assistance due to lack of income or funds. I see this at Value Village, a place I take my teen girl who enjoys buying second-hand clothing she can alter herself – the store is usually packed (as much as one can pack a store with covid restrictions). It didn’t used to be packed…


However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

To counter this negative vibe here, I have seen an influx of fascinating innovation all across the internet. People with creative ideas are solving their problems by steering away from the traditional methods of income seeking.

I did a bit of that with my jewelry design. Especially since I stopped writing as much. I just can’t seem to get the words out these days …

I wore this self-made necklace yesterday. It can be yours for $20 CAD plus shipping which is less than five bucks in Canada or USA.

Question: did you buy one of those giant sacks of flour when the sourdough tizzy began in March 2020? I read in multiple places that people still have flour left from that purchase today.

What about toilet paper? Are you wiping your ass with colourful fall leaves these days?


I’m just saying … Get a grip.


22 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. I usually defend the media to death, but reporting on these “shortages” only leads to hoarding. It’s the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I used to shop at Value Village in Washington state and it was always packed. People do love themselves a good bargain!

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  2. I’m starting to stock up for winter again – I just don’t like going to the store as much when cold and flu season starts. I hate getting groceries period but I’ve been back to my regular weekly grocery runs since we got vaccinated. I do notice food prices have increased quite a bit, but I try and check the flyers and buy meat on sale and use the freezer. I follow a British blogger who has posted about the gas shortage. But I do wonder when you have to wait a long time for something, if the companies are just using the parts shortage/supply chain issue/COVID as an excuse. A neighbour told me he ordered a new front door and they can’t install it until January, they have so much work ahead. So yes, that’s a labor shortage I guess, but wouldn’t you try and hire more people. Maybe they can’t get skilled labor, but I saw a video of all the cargo ships in the LA harbor waiting to offload, and the problem was not enough workers in the warehouses? So it is puzzling considering the so-called unemployment problems?

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  3. The ONLY thing I stock up on and hoard is chalk🤣🤣🤣 I don’t want to even think about what life would be like without chalk😱

    I have noticed that prices at the grocery store have gone up. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ben will only eat certain foods and specific brands. I buy what I have to buy.

    I glance at the news but don’t deep dive. I subscribe to optimistic newsletters cuz there ARE people doing kind things. I want to read more about that. I believe it happens waaay more often than “media” would have us believe.

    So YOU are responsible for the pasta shortage, eh? Tsk tsk tsk…😂😂💌💌💌

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  4. This hoarding mentality is a very common issue, and a very grave one. But the flip side is if one doesn’t “hoard” that person ends up suffering. It’s a classic one of those where if everyone doesn’t follow the law then those following them suffer

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      1. Thanks! I just couldn’t recollect the phrase catch 22 (itch in the brain..would’ve kept me up all night)..
        Yeah, I mean you need to look out for yourself as well in such times

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      2. It’s true. At the beginning of lockdown I really didn’t want to venture into the stores much so I bought double. But not more than that… I didn’t want to go crazy, nor did I have the budget for it. Also, I hate shopping and not having to go every week pleased me.

        But to line my wall with toilet paper and fill my basement with sacks of rice? No thank you. 🙄😉

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  5. Paying the grocery bill is like having a mortgage payment again. Every week I’m flabbergasted at the prices. $8.00 for two tomatoes …. what were they dusted with, gold? $18.00 for a package of hamburger….meatloaf used to be a cheap meal. It’s insane.

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  6. I haven’t changed any of my buying quantities, and I never jumped on the sourdough train. I am curious, though, how many people still have another year or two’s worth of toilet paper stacked in their garage beside the massive bag of flour.

    I try to limit my news consumption to the CBC news app. I find they’re a little less panicky.

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