Writing to turn the negative pull into uplifting cheer

I woke up an hour later than usual this morning and I felt it simmering deep in my core.

*It* being an unidentifiable something. The onset of depression? Some other emotional upheaval?

Hormone fluctuations?

Maybe it’s the change in weather. Or the doom and gloom on the news I sometimes watch when I join my mom in the tv room.

(Note to self: stay out of the tv room.)

Perhaps it’s the never-endingness of covid and all its restrictions and limitations that’s making me feel down and blue.

I realized early this morning that normal socializing is not going to be a part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Just the other day a local blogger told me there were armed guards patrolling the entrance of a mall in downtown Toronto, checking for vaccine papers.

Aren’t we taking things a little far here?

With the darker, cooler weather looming I’m wondering how people are going to navigate the winter season. Even my niece, who just started her first year University, decided to visit her grandma rather than stay on campus for homecoming last weekend. She said there was police and security everywhere and it didn’t look like fun.


I’m not going to turn this post into a pro or con vaccine bitchfest. I’m simply addressing the mental health aspect of all of these issues, how they’re impacting the emotional wellbeing of this province’s inhabitants.

I know it’s going to get worse. Two western provinces are struggling with an influx of critically ill covid patients… Ontario has a much larger population and if I consider the impacts on all the non-covid-related illnesses that get pushed back because of covid, and how this will impact the skewed statistics the media will almost definitely spin negatively, I feel like the hermit lifestyle I’m currently living is maybe not the end of the world after all.

Having said that, I’m craving something that can’t be. Anything that is different, out of the ordinary, beyond routine.


There’s a part of me that wants to just walk into a pub or an eatery, randomly without preparation or reservations, just because, and sip a beverage or snack on some apps.

Can’t do it.


The funny thing is, I haven’t done much of that before recent events either. The impromptu drop-ins. Mainly because said beverages and apps were consumed rink side during or after youth sports activities…

But that was then.

Anyway. Enough of this negativity.

Today is a new day, and, for the first time since my mom returned from her trip (injured with a broken leg) we are going to venture out to Fortinos, a grocery store with a pharmacy in the back. She needs a refill of some prescription, and we need food.

We will take her Ferrari (walker) and see how it goes. 😀

I was much happier yesterday than I am today, as you can see in these lark-filtered selfies in which I pose my new earrings from my sidehustle. 😊

Maybe if I try hard enough I can get my mood turned around.


53 thoughts on “Writing to turn the negative pull into uplifting cheer

  1. I think the mental aspect of covid goes ignored way too often! So I applaud you for speaking up. Thank you for sharing your struggle with us. Know you aren’t alone. I long for “normal” as well…. Not a new normal… I miss old school normal 😭 ❤

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  2. Claudette, I too am wondering how we’re all going to survive this winter when the bad weather arrives, when we’ve been so shut-in all summer. Yes, we can go out, but we can’t really do much of anything. I don’t think we’ll see normal here until next year. Usually I don’t mind winter, but this year I’m already dreading it…

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  3. I hear you. It could be in the planets that this week is hard… who knows? But yes, a walk in Nature (even just the local park) helps me. And a focus on the ordinary: that leaf changing color from green to red (which HAS to be some kind of miracle!); the snores of a sleeping pet; the sweet smell of a fresh pot of herbal tea… Buddha told us to orient towards the joy when we can…

    But yeah, SO OVER the Covid World, esp for the young folk like my 21 yr old who can’t go anywhere 😦

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  4. I know it appears that life is more difficult today, but try (a little harder) to be cool with the new normal. This is it: sure, we’re living in inconvenient times, but how bad is it really? No bombs dropping on us … If you’re alive and healthy with shelter, food, water and love … in the company of family, then you’ve got it all. Blessings and Gratitude. 🙏

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  5. Oh… Sagittarius earrings reminds me… Younger saw the Sagittarius ones withe the blue stones & hematite and wants them, if still available. She also, as predicted wants a bee necklace. She’s & the other one are still browsing, so I’ll email you updates😉

    The entire month of September was a ginormous roller-coaster and today just feels like September 31… it’s supposed to be like 95°F all weekend so Autumn weather is still a myth. 🥵

    I never experienced true lockdown… the only thing that changed for me was having Ben home. I totally get that feeling of wanting something, anything different. A bit of restlessness and general dissatisfaction. I go through periods of it too. Life always gives me new drama to chase it away though🤪

    I’m off to get food and hopefully a prescription for Ben too. Quit copying me!😂😂 Or maybe I’m copying you😲😆💌💌


    1. Lol

      I have stuff for you and your girls. I’ll email you later. No obligation, I’m just feeling inspired.

      I see your daughter on insta now, pretty girl! We chatted briefly. I love her style, maybe I’ll copy her!! 😛

      I’ll be in touch.

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  6. Come on down to Flori-Duh where everything is wide open for business, masks and vaccines are purely optional. Oh, but if you get sick with ANYTHING, you are screwed. Our hospitals are full and short-staffed with burned out healthcare professionals. I am definitely getting my booster in December…. OK, enough sarcasm. I would suggest that you get outside for a walk as often as possible. Nature has been my best tonic. Hugs to you and I hope your mom’s recovery is quick and uneventful.

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    1. I get it, the situation in the hospitals are dire in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well. I figure if more people do the right thing things wouldn’t be like this. But it just seems like that teacher in grade school who punished the whole class with detention because one kid goofed off…


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  7. It’s an up and down thing isn’t it? You’re right about winter and the isolation that brings anyway so when you add that again to all the other Covid stuff…sigh.

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  8. Sorry you’re still experiencing those restrictions. Things are looser across the border and we almost feel back to normal, at least in Maine. Masks are back, and staffing shortages hinder most places but at least we come and go as we please. High vaccination rates help.

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    1. That’s great news and yes, it’s encouraging. I think Ontario has a high vax rate and I don’t even care about the masks anymore as long as we can go places and do stuff… But they insist on making things complicated.

      Enjoy. Maybe I’ll move to Maine.

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      1. I’m blessed, our little town has one of the highest vax rates in the state. And while the husband and I still aren’t traveling, it sure is nice to go out for dinner and drinks again.

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      1. She did a list the other day of things you shouldn’t do if you’re having a bad day. No 1 was don’t treat yourself. Now, why I understand the theory….I think making yourself your favorite dinner or buying a small trinket isn’t the worst thing

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