How life has changed and a few other updates

I’ve been co-parenting my teens while not living at home. It’s been… interesting.

Did you know teens are not chatty? I mean, all this time when I was home with them they stared at their phones, chatted with friends, yada yada… they knew I was there, in the background, ready to pour food into their little gullets, but they didn’t really interact with me too much. Which is completely normal teenage behaviour, I’m not complaining here. They have their lives back now that lockdowns have been eliminated (for how long though? ugh…) Chatting with mom was just not… done. Or something.

Unless they were hungry. ๐Ÿ˜›

Point is, I have not had to say or do much for them while not living with them at home. Their dad, who is teaching his courses from the basement office, is taking care of the hot meals (dinner), but the kids are on their own getting breakfast and lunch ready for themselves.

I suspect there’s a bit of grumbling, but it is what it is. They’ll survive.

Meanwhile, I do feel a little bit guilty that I’m not there holding down the fort. Even though I’m holding down the fort here, at my mom’s house.

My mom is recovering well despite a nasty break of her femur about three weeks ago. But she’s limited to what she can do for herself which is why I am doing those things for her. Slowly but surely she is gaining both strength and mobility back and I can hear her puttering around through the closed door behind me. She has both crutches and a *Ferrari* (aka walker) which she uses to move herself from here to there and back again.

The Ferrari comment is courtesy of my bother Silvio. He’s the one who calls it that… lol

But I worry about my starving teens. #icanthelpit #momlife

So, this morning there was a phone call between us parents and we discussed at length things about grocery lists, financial matters regarding hockey and other activities, and various household needs. Ultimately it was decided they are good for food as he had just done a shopping recently and didn’t need me to pick up any more. I did offer to cook a few make-ahead meals for next week and he sounded appreciative. I’m cooking anyway for mom and I, may as well make double and freeze some for them.

We all need to get used to this new normal. But baby steps are acceptable and so far, things are going as well as can be expected. Other than the longing to see the children more I feel fine, mostly because I’m extremely busy and preoccupied about all my various projects.

I think this weekend I’ll be at the rink though with one kid which will be a nice variation of routine. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a kid to practice. ๐Ÿ™‚

There is a plan in the works for them to come see grandma on the weekend sometime I think, in between hockey, ringette and volunteering. They haven’t seen her since she returned from Switzerland and of course she has gifts for them… It will be nice for them to reconnect with her and I’ll report back about Tucker’s reaction to seeing his favorite cookie-dispensing person in his orbit. ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s the update on the personal front.

On the writing and jewelry front, I’m doing both, although not as often as I thought I might be.

I’m also exercising. I should take some before and after photos… I cannot believe that five days of 30 minutes of yoga and strength exercises in three weeks has made me feel so much better already in terms of flexibility, strength and a serious reduction of pain in my upper spine. I bet is shows, too, especially in my posture. I’ll try to remember to take some shots and write up a thing about Asana Rebel, the app I’m using for fitness.

Jewelry for Halloween

I created some Halloween bracelets… check them out here or on my instagram account (writerofwordsjewelry). Or check my other items here, or on the jewelry page, which incidentally I’ve updated with new information including an allergy alert (some potential clients mentioned sensitivities that I have now made a note of).

Jim mentioned how many shopping days there are for Christmas recently and upon my sarcastic commentary he called me a Scrooge. ๐Ÿ˜€

PS if you went over there to read about our back and forth banter, he’s right, I am not a commercial Christmas fan. Call me Scrooge all you want! Also, I posted a picture of a glass of red wine with an ice cube in it yesterday on instagram and he was horrified which only increased the banter (lol). He’s not the only one who was, um, surprised about my ice cube in red wine…

Here’s the thing: I WRITE MY OWN SCRIPT FOR MY LIFE. I like cold red wine. So what? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Medium essays and articles

I also wrote some essays on Medium including the Learning sex series (from my University days) with part 5 and 6 under editing review at the moment and one on writing catchy titles. That second one is currently under review and if it’s accepted it will be published on a publication called Feedium – the Canadian author of that publication accepted me as a contributor and I’ve finally had a chance to submit my first piece to him. We shall see if he likes it.

That’s it for me. What’s new in your corner of the world?

See you in the comments.

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