Chit chat over morning coffee

I have a bandaid on my right index finger, right at the tip,  which prevents me from using the biometric fingerprint thingy on the back of my phone. I use biometrics to access my locked accounts on my phone.

So this is fun. 🙄

I guess I could take the bandaid off and suffer… 😂

Speaking of suffering, I’ve had trouble with the post office lately. 🤨

I sent some of my self-made jewelry to Washington state last week and they charged me $3.60 for shipping.

Actually, that’s not what happened. She charged me a buck and change and then the package came back with an insufficient postage sticker on it. I took it back to the same post office and the lady, a different one, said the other lady might not have seen it was going to the US.


The address clearly stated USA…

Anyway it got fixed, I paid the balance and the package has in the meantime reached its destination and all is well.

Which brings me to a couple of days ago. I had another jewelry packaged into an envelope, same way as before, weighing the same, equal dimensions, and took it to a post office in my mom’s neighbourhood. The lady measured and weighed it and said “you want to send it letter mail” and I said yes.

She said “you have to send it as a small package. It’ll be $8 something”.

I told her to give it back to me.

My mom used to work for the post office. I checked my particulars online with Canada Post. I was not in the mood to argue.

The next day (yesterday) I drove my sister to the airport and then detoured to my ‘other’ house (where the kids live) for a short visit. (I live with my mom in the suburbs). The post office I used for the Washington letter is nearby so I went and waited my turn.

When the customer at the counter was done the post office lady put up the closed sign and waved me away.

It was in the middle of the morning.


Meh. I went back to my car and googled other post offices. There was one in the old part of downtown in my mom’s town. Not the one at the crappy little mall near her house, but in the quaint little touristy part of town.

The post office was in the back of a little shop and the girl took my letter, charged me the expected $3.60 and that was that.

Easy peasy.

Why can’t things be simple like this all the time???

On the way back to my car I passed a cute little church which was so picturesque, I couldn’t help taking some photos. It was located in a charming neighbourhood steps from the lake.

I passed a new coffee shop down there as well. Maybe when mom is a bit more mobile (she was injured on vacation and in recovery), we can go down there and enjoy a coffee. ☕

And so begins a new day.

I have much to share. Stay tuned…

14 thoughts on “Chit chat over morning coffee

  1. I had no idea there was a Washington, Canada. Ha! How could the postal worker not have understood it was going to the U.S.?

    Also, I didn’t know you lived with your mom now. Either I’ve missed something or you haven’t come right out and talked about it yet.

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  2. I am at the post office every other week…(yes…I am the mon who ships their kid stuff) I am friendly with the usual people. Someone got mad yesterday because the post guy and I chatted as he stamped my package….but anyway…in other annoying topics…have you been having WordPress issues when it comes to scheduling posts? I posted two things this morning that were supposed to be scheduled. Very frustrating

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      1. You know what’s funny? I saw and the read the post but don’t remember if I commented because it’s been one of those weeks…but I thought to myself it’s not tuesday

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