Tarot Tuesday – The Hanged Man reversed

I pulled some cards randomly the other day. While I was shuffling, the Hanged Man flew out of my deck and landed on the floor upside down.

This means the card was chosen for me. Its reversed position also means something.

This is the Hanged Man in the upright position

I looked at the card. Did I pull him before? I checked my tarot tab on my website and it turns out I did – twice in a two week period. It felt a little like he was stalking me, so I wrote a post about what the Hanged Man means here.

But this time, he was in reverse position. What does it mean? I had to consult my sources and found out the following:

Hanged Man in reverse

Things are on hold and this causes frustration. It may feel like a blockage (writer’s block?), being stuck in a rut, or restricted due to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe other forces beyond your control, or people in your orbit, are influencing your work, your path, your journey by blocking it in some way.

All of this may lead to resistance and procrastination.

How to deal with resistance

The best advice I’ve read was to surrender to the ‘it is what is’ sentiment. Often, the circumstances preventing our forward propulsion may be beyond our control… May as well just tell yourself that now is not the time for x or y, but the time will come again.

Can you go with the flow? This is difficult for some people who are planners, but I have had to learn in the past months (years?) that not everything can be planned out. Sure I still keep an up to date calendar which I share with family, but it’s more for communication purposes (who needs a drive where and when, who is available, who isn’t) rather than a planning guide, because much of what I may want to plan gets pushed aside these days.

I can live with this – the current situation is temporary and there are other things going on that occupy me currently. Besides, I’m not much in a writing mood either, and I do know that this is cyclical and will return in due time.

Do you enjoy my tarot journey? I wrote about my discovery about these fascinating cards here.

Thank you for reading!

10 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – The Hanged Man reversed

  1. Once a year or so, my friend reads my Tarot cards for me. EVERY year I always got one particular card, in different positions… till last year, when it was missing from the cards I pulled. We commented on its absence, then packed up the cards… but I dropped them, and of course, THAT particular card flew out and landed on my lap!

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