Sunday vibes

I’ve been up for two hours and it’s only 5:55 am. The repetitive numbers in sequence like this means something: it’s an angel number, meaning it’s a message from the angels. πŸ™‚

The past week I’ve been seeing 222 twice (ha), 555 twice (as of today) and 333 once.

According to the internet, 555 is an angel number which bears the following message: a major life transformation is upon me. It will disrupt my current life and guide me onto my next life’s path. The angels (if you believe in such things) are guiding me to keep calm and positive as I navigate the challenges of this transformative period in my life.

I have coffee, and the little heater in the corner is blasting warm air toward me. Summer has moved on it seems, even though the daytime highs are still pleasant, sunny and warm, mostly.

The changing in seasons is upon us once again. Do you feel the change in the air? A transformational vibe is floating all around me.

I decided to post a little update for my regular followers who may be curious to hear how I’m managing living away from my family and especially the kids. This part may not be particularly interesting to new readers (of which there are many, thank you for the follow). Don’t worry if you’re new here, there is plenty of other content to sift through. Just go to my main website and check out all the tabs; I have a thing about tarot cards, I make jewelry, I write essays, stories and poetry, I write/used to write erotica, I have an erotic story published as a book which you can buy for $2.99 and of course there’s plenty of content in the blog tab, as well. Search by tags or categories. I also write on Medium and began a new project called If Not Now, When? It’s all about the midlife journey.

Personal update

My mom and sister returned from Switzerland on Wednesday of last week and although the airport was a little bit of an ordeal (covid, etc) it went relatively well.

Mom was exhausted; she had just had surgery on her femur (right at the joint of the hip) a week prior so it’s going to take a while for her to feel better. She is however a healthy person otherwise which means her recovery is going well; she doesn’t have excessive weight, has no underlying medical conditions and will be agile and active again, just like she was prior to her accident. This will help her get back to a normal life with hopefully few residual effects (although there may be some, she is after all in her 70s).

For now, all three of us (my sister, myself and my mom) can see that she is getting better and feeling better every day despite some continued discomfort and pain, especially during the later part of the day. She starts physiotherapy next week which will help her with stiffness, improved mobility and flexibility.

My sister is heading home to Vancouver on Monday. Mom and I will be back to a slower routine, and I will be able to get my own projects back on track as well. I have many updates to share with you, on both the writing side (which has fallen off the wagon in recent days, unsurprisingly) and on the jewelry side. I’ve only had a chance to work on things in snippets, but my routine will return after this week and so will my momentum.

I get out a bit too – my mom is able to navigate on her own for several hours so I can still head into the city, or go shopping etc. Perhaps I will go check out that Colombian coffee shop I mentioned in a previous post one day… we’ll see.

Jewelry, Medium and Tarot Tuesday

I’m a little discombobulated by my self-imposed schedule, due to the above-mentioned circumstances. I’m taking it in stride. I putter with my jewelry when I get overwhelmed but right now we have a full house and the table where I do my designing is used for eating.

As far as Tarot Tuesday is concerned, I still pull cards every so often and listen to online tarot readers. I don’t know if I’ll get to publishing a new post for this week though… Here’s who I listened to today for the next seven day message: Kyle of Cups

Asana Rebel exercise app

Have you heard of this app? If you’re on instagram you may have seen the advertisements. I loaded it to a tablet and my phone, paid the $50 for a whole year (not monthly, it’s quite economical), and I work out about 5 days as week. Let me tell you something: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app!

I feel more flexible, have less pain in my upper spine, feel stronger, tighter and more toned and it’s only been a few weeks. πŸ˜€

I will write up a thing about this at some point and share my story, as you’ve come to expect from a writer of words. Ha.

Note: I have discovered muscles in places I didn’t know I had muscles in. πŸ˜‰

Family and kids and puppy

I haven’t seen the kids since two weekends ago, but I’ve seen their dad and the dog during a quick trip to the city last week. I brought a birthday gift and some treats my mom brought back from Switzerland, and stayed to do some kitchen stuff while he taught his college courses from the basement office. The kids were in school.

This covid thing has been a blessing in disguise for him – he doesn’t miss the horrible commute but sitting in the basement and talking to screens for 6 hours is taking its toll. I made some food and we both took the dog for a short walk while he was on lunch break which gave us a chance to catch up about the kids.

They are doing well; both are in high school and busy with activities, and one kid has a co-op program now which gets him out and exposed to non-family activities. The lockdowns have done some serious mental health damage to many/most kids in our province, and it was/is high time they get out and do stuff away from mom and dad – that is now happening and I hope to hear about some improvements in terms of their emotional well-being.

Hockey and ringette are back as well, which gets them out, social and active. Thank goodness. Let’s hope they don’t shut us down again…

Tucker meanwhile lost his tiny little mind when I walked through the door last week. Poor thing – he’s so confused that I’m not around. When mom is feeling better, they’re going to come by for a visit, and after that, I’ll see if maybe I can bring him here a few days at a time, say when work and school gets busier and they have less time to tend to puppy. But until my mom is steadier and in less pain, a puppy will just add chaos to the house so for now, poor Tucker will simply have to continue to lose his mind when I make my weekly visits. πŸ™‚

I do need a dentist appointment and a hair cut so perhaps a couple more visits are imminent. He’ll be thrilled, and so will I.

So there you go, you’re all caught up. Thanks for reading, and see you in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Sunday vibes

  1. Angel number 888 is a reminder to thank the Universe for blessings and miracles that enter your life and trust that everything is always working out not only for your highest good but for the highest good of all. ❀

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    1. Mom had an accident while on vacation in Switzerland and required surgery. She managed to fly home the week after surgery mainly because my sister was with her who is a nurse.

      Mom cannot function on her own now so I’m her primary caregiver. She broke her femur at the joint of her hip.

      That’s part of the story but it’s the one that matters right now.

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  2. I am very happy to read that your mama is doing well! I am always impatient with my recoveries, and constantly have to be reminded to slow down, quit trying to do too much.πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

    Awesome that you’re getting messages! Even more awesome that you’re open enough to receive them!! A friend has been doing daily tarot draws and I’m learning a lot. They use a deck that has animals for the pictures and uses different things for the suits… like cups is shells, and swords is feathers. They usually draw 3 cards, but a couple days there was a 4th. We had the High Priestess several times, and today we had the Fool. New journeys for everyone it seems. Good news!! I think we’re ALL ready to step onto a different road and see where it leads.

    This post feels relaxed… even with life chaos things, you’re obviously standing on firm ground, ready to follow the path. Makes me Happy Dance for you!!πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŽΆπŸ₯³πŸ˜†

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