Imparting wisdom, and a jewelry update

I saw something on twitter this morning which made me nod in earnest. I’m stating the obvious here, but sometimes a reminder is a good thing.

This is not confidence:

I hope they will like me.

This is confidence:

I’ll be fine if they don’t like me.

Sometimes you just gotta give less of a f***. 😛


I’ve been seeing the number 2 in repeated sequence, like on my dash clock in the car. It was 2:22 when I was driving back from someplace the other day when it occurred to me how often this has happened in recent days.

I looked into it because repetitive things interest me, be it behaviours, patters, thoughts or tangible things. Since learning tarot I’ve become more in tune to numbers, as well.

Seems 222 is sometimes considered an angel’s message. It represents divine wisdom and intelligence, as well as the power of love, faith and patience.

I need patience most of all these days… 😉 But love (give and receive) and faith (trust) will be helpful too.

Another interpretation of this sequence of the number 2 is part of the Law of Attraction*. It states that you are on the right track, exactly where you need to be, and that everything will work out for the greater good.

*In short, the law of attraction guides you to allow positive thoughts to attract positivity. Similarly, if you dwell on negative thoughts, you will attract negativity.

So, my friends, readers and followers, focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t and be grateful and everything will fall into place. 🥰


I needed a tube of glue for my jewelry yesterday. On a whim, I drove to Michaels, a craft store, with intent to purchase the tube and head back home immediately.

But then, a terrible, horrible, amazing thing happened.

The strung beads were 40% off and the charms 50%.

I mean… 😳

Can you really blame me? 😀

Here are some of my latest creations:

I love making jewelry. I’ve sold some and shipping to the USA isn’t going to break anyone’s bank, so let me know if you like my creations. Setting up the store is time-consuming, but I’m getting there… I can still sell them to you without being set up if you’re interested.

I also take design and colour suggestions. No obligation to buy if you have an idea, just drop me a comment. 🙂

General prices, in CAD $, are as follows:

Bracelets $5-15 CAD plus shipping

Necklaces $20-30 CAD plus shipping

Combinations (necklace with bracelet) reduction in price.

Let me know your wrist measurements so I can ensure the bracelets will fit. 🙂 They are not all the same length.

Also, I’m making earrings next, stand by for those.

Check out my collection on Instagram writerofwordsjewelry where I actively feature my newest designs.

I’m off this app now to go work out. I have a new post brewing about this – I signed up for the Asana Rebel app and I absolutely love the workouts!

See you in the comments. 😘

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