Tarot Tuesdays – the Star card

I drew the Star card for the first time last weekend while making plans for the next chapter in my life.

Naturally, I was intrigued. I pulled this card in a sequence of three cards, like I usually draw, but like the last time, one card jumped the deck. This is the spread:

The King of Swords was the card that jumped the deck. It means something (but what?). I’ll go investigate this in a minute.

The Two of Cups and the Ace of Swords I placed on my past and future spot on my paper, and will look at later.

For now, I’m interested in the present. As you know from this post, my present has a bit of upheaval in it, but in a good way. I’m interested in seeing what this Major Arcana card, the Star, has to tell me.

The Star

  • Naked woman – vulnerable and pure
  • One foot on ground – practical abilities, common sense
  • Other foot in small pool of water – intuition, inner resources, listening to her inner voice
  • Bowl in left hand – subconscious
  • Bowl in right hand – conscious
  • Liquid poured from left bowl – into water, nourishing earth and cycle of fertility
  • Liquid poured from right bowl – onto dry earth in five streams, representing the five senses

Main points about the Star

  • peace, hope, purpose, light at end of tunnel, renewal, spirituality, positive energy, healing yourself
  • there is a lot of water energy in this card (emotions)

The Star card is like a little voice inside your head saying “everything is going to be alright”.

One source I was reading (Little Red Tarot) suggested this card could be compared to a sailor following the constellations in the sky. The stars guide his navigation toward his next port, his destiny.

Several sources mentioned the Star card’s order in the Major Arcana. It follows the Tower card, which points to destruction or turmoil. The Star is here to say “you’ve been through a lot, things are getting better now”. It literally shines a light at the new possibilities which are withing grasp.

WELL THEN. This card came at the most opportune time for me, didn’t it. (Those of you who’ve been reading here a while will understand…)

The next phase

The Star card prepares you as you enter a calmer, more peaceful next phase in your life.

It suggests deeper understanding of yourself and others, mental and emotional stability and personal growth. Stars in the sky allow us to dream, which is another indicator of positivity. The expression “reach for the stars” comes to mind, meaning ‘trust yourself and believe that anything is possible‘.


The Star card tells you that your transformation from old and no longer suiting you, to new and reinventing is happening. Don’t let yourself get held back by limiting beliefs or sucked into excuses. The time is now to move forward and allow yourself to live your authentic self.

What about that King of Swords card that jumped the deck?

Main points about this wayward card the King of Swords (air energy, thoughts, intellect) include mental clarity, intellect, truth, fairness

It is actually quite an appropriate card for a Libra like me:

  • this King is fair (which is a trait for Libras who like to balance out both sides before making decisions)
  • swords are air energy (logic, intellect, ideas, communication)
  • Libra is an air sign

Message from the King of Swords

The King of Swords card encourages you to use logic and intellect in matters of your life journey. He never strays far from trying to be fair with others so he makes well-researched but final decisions for the greater good of all involved. It’s important to him to come to a balanced and insightful decision with impartiality, meaning he does not want to be swayed by too many mental and emotional influences.

The King of Swords decides from a point of authority gained over years of life experience.

However, the card also implies that there is a worry permeating within you. You may appear not particularly sympathetic with others as you guide and direct them in their own journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself:

Impartiality comes from detachment, which does not, should not, imply a lack of love; quite the opposite.

My own conclusion

I take this message to heart as I will be parenting my kids from outside of their home (long distance, part-time). I feel (currently) that this is a scenario that will not disrupt them too much (but I waver and cry about it on and off). In fact, the idea of them having to step up a little and, more importantly, step into some maturity, is going to be good for them. I will stay on course and focus on what it needed for the greater good.

Thank you for following along in my tarot card reading journey. You can read other posts on my Tarot page.

7 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays – the Star card

    1. It takes a special kind of mental and emotional state to let go of control. And practice. And open lines of communication. My partner and I may be misaligned but we’re not immature and we focus on the kids and family first. That won’t change.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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      1. I’m doing what I have to do for the greater good. Also, I’m not giving up completely. I’m still their mom. But they also have an opportunity to step into some sorely lacking maturity this way, with my part-time(ish) absences.

        Peace and harmony with less micromanaging will do all of us good.

        But I understand what you are saying. It’s a big struggle for me as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. My husband just doesn’t think about things. He takes the easy/lazy way out. On the day to day I just can’t see him actively parenting. Or doing the little things. Frankly, when they would go away to amusement parks and such, or if I was going away, I would assume my daughter was the more mature one and the ine I could rely on to do the necessary things. He’s great at playtime. I called him Disneyland dad. Yet, he also has a very very short temper and is quick to anger over stupid things… it would come down to my daughter being u er responsible.

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