Moving on(wards)

I made an interesting discovery the other day: the five tarot readers I listened to on youtube – while designing jewelry in a quiet house sans kids – all talked about how Libra is either traveling or moving in September. ⚖️♎

They all mentioned this. They all had a similar message for the collective. They all pulled cards and interpreted them from different geographical regions at different times or days. And still, the messages were eerily similar.

It was a bit perplexing. 😀

So weird how the universe works… 😳

Maybe I’ll write up a thing for next Tarot Tuesday on this topic. Stay tuned.

Here’s the thing:

I have been planning a move for months. Regular readers here know that I’ve been living in two places part-time for some time. There have been ongoing conversations and a series of plans put in motion, but a few circumstances involving external family caused some delays. Plus covid and school/work always manages to throw a wrench into plans these days. It’s endless, the constant changes they hurl at us.

But I was not deterred. I took the delays with a grain of salt, continued to keep the lines of communication open, and took baby steps forward with my sight firmly planted on my goal.

The process was to begin officially this coming week.


My mom is on vacation with my sister and her boyfriend visiting family in Switzerland. I told her I’d keep an eye on the house, the garden and the house plants.

What’s not to love about an empty house? 🥰

I know, I know, there are many people who get lonely without a family or companion around. I have lived alone before and am familiar with that sentiment. I spent years alone before I settled down and had children…

Loneliness can be crushing. I’ve been there repeatedly. But right now, after almost no alone-time or solitude for 18 months, the idea of having several days of uninterrupted time by myself in an empty house is very appealing. 💃

I’ve considered making a long-term move for some time. It was just a matter of logistics. Kids play a factor, of course, among other things. There were details to iron out which remain challenging and tricky.

But then, the universe, or spirit, or god, or some other entity decided to switch things up. Suddenly, everything changed and I found myself pushed – not gently nudged – across the threshold.

My entire life took on a new dynamic with a single phone call…

Here’s what happened:

On Thursday morning I got a call from my sister that mom had a serious fall and broke her hip. She needed immediate surgery. On day 3 of her vacation…

She’s ok. I texted with her the day after surgery (Friday).

Still, it sounds like it was a complicated fracture and she will not be allowed to fly back to 🇨🇦 until her surgeon signs her off. Her return flight in a week may be delayed.


My move to mom’s is now official. She will need a caregiver, for at least the foreseeable future. There will be mobility challenges, she’ll need to be driven to appointments, and I’ll have to do the house maintenance and garden.

There are also steps in the house she will need to re-learn how to navigate…

The kids and their dad are fine with me going to live with her. They are supportive. They have transitioned well into the back to school routine. I’m not abandoning them, I’ll commute on some of the days when they need support. A blessing in disguise is that he’s still teaching remotely as delta and now mu variants rage on and on and on, so the kids have their dad home full-time anyway.

We will all manage just fine. People with more disruption and less support are managing their lives. I’m grateful for everything I do have and will take this as an opportunity to create a new chapter in my book of life.

Call it a sabbatical, call it what you will. It doesn’t really matter what the label is, or even if there is a label, what matters is that I am writing my own definition, my own script, for the life I want to lead. This situation with my mom is giving me the courage and emotional capacity to take a full step forward and stop wavering on the threshold.

I’m taking a leap of faith, trust in my intuition and abilities to manage this new family dynamic, and move forward one day at a time.

If not now, when?

Tomorrow never comes.

13 thoughts on “Moving on(wards)

  1. HI Claudette,
    Some times life forces us to make decisions that we wanted to, but were waiting on the right time and circumstances.
    Good luck to you on this transition, and bravo to you for writing you own story, your way.
    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery.
    Blessings! ♥♥

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  2. I agree. Your kids are old enough and it’s not like you packed up and abandoned them. You’re just a drive away and can see them whenever anyone wants to see anyone.

    I moved in with my Mom 5 years ago after she broke her hip. At first it can be very scary for them, thinking they’re going to fall again, so it will be a comfort for your mom to have you with her. I hope she’s doing well and is home soon!

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  3. I’m thinking of another song, but last time I sent a link WP ate the entire comment☹

    The song is “Right Now” by Van Halen or Van Hagar😉

    Take that leap and enjoy the ride! However you land, you’ll make it work!💃🏼🥳💌

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  4. Sometimes the only transportation available is a leap of faith! Writing your own script – I love it! So sorry about your mom but I’m glad that you are moving across that threshold to find the next part of the path. Good for you!

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  5. So sorry about your mom, and so far away when it happened. I know it will be a big comfort and help to her having you in the house. Perhaps not the way you might have wanted a move to take place, but it seems like there’s benefits in so many ways.

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