Reflections on Labour Day Monday, in preparation for Tarot Tuesday

After a morning of this and that, I sat down on my new deck in mid-afternoon and pulled some tarot cards.

I ❤️ the new deck furniture

I had been listening to YouTube tarot readers most of the week, while cleaning, cooking or making jewelry and the more I listened to their interpretations, the more I learned about the cards.

For instance, it appears the zodiac sign Libra ⚖️ is one of the most popular signs people read for. By popular, I mean heavily attended. Some tarot readers are creating solo Libra channels separate from other zodiac signs, or doing bonus or extended readings, because there are so many Libra hits, likes, subscribers and comments.


I’m a Libra. ♎⚖️♎

While shuffling my cards today I asked myself what I needed to know to move forward, to take the next step. As you know, I’ve been at crossroads. Several decisions and ongoing conversations have been taking place and right now, things feel pretty good.

Or at least hopeful that I made the right decision.

Hopeful things will progress with the least amount of chaos.

Hopefully the lines of communication remain open.

Things aren’t easy when couples recognize their weaknesses but are committed to seeing milestone events through for the kids.

Sometimes, forward propulsion takes longer because the path ahead is cluttered with boulders requiring you to take a step back or choose a detour.

Point is, I’m learning to be more intuitive, focus on the practical side of things, and continue my course of action.

Things will get easier with the routine returning. Or so I keep trying to manifest. 😀

Covid better not screw things up again… 😤

As I said, I shuffled my cards and asked myself this question:

What do I need to know to make it through the month of September?

I typically draw 3 cards but one jumped out at me, so I set it aside and continued shuffling. Then I selected 3 cards for a total of 4.

The card that jumped out was this one:

I wonder, is it trying to tell me something by leaping out of my hand like that?

I see a young man looking inquisitively at a wooden wand set firmly on the ground. He holds it with both hands. His gaze is directed at the sprouts at the top of the wand. The landscape around him is barren but there are a few mountains in the distance. His coat is adorned with salamanders and he has a red feather on his hat.

Pages are part of the court cards in the Minor Arcana and often depict children. In this case, I like the page as an idea that is still youthful in its phase, symbolized by the little sprouts on the wand. The idea is planted, and like a growing child, will take shape and form as it is being nurtured.

The barren landscape implies a blank canvas – so many possibilities exist when nothing has happened yet. I already know something will happen because the wand has sprouted.

This is such a perfect card for me, no wonder it jumped out of the deck by itself! 😳😉

The rest of the cards were these:

I hope to have a chance to write up something for Tarot Tuesday on these cards. If I do, you’ll be the first to know. 😎

Thank you for reading along. See you in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Reflections on Labour Day Monday, in preparation for Tarot Tuesday

  1. One professor in college, in a very large class, was into astrology and did a poll–the vast majority of us were Libras. In fact, among my friends, (none of whom were in that class with me,) we had one giant birthday party at the end of October to cover everybody. I personally know four people with the same birthdate as me, not counting YoYo Ma. (Who, in fact, I do not know.)
    I once dabbled in Tarot, but I didn’t get too far, not beyond the “cook book” style of reading. I’ll say one thing, though–it certainly made me think real hard about stuff I might not otherwise have. To show you I’m a good sport, I’m pulling a card right now . . . stand by . . .

    4 of Pentacles — fell on the floor while shuffling the deck.
    7 of Cups — drawn.

    I have no idea.
    Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend.

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    1. Cool! Pentacles are earth energy and associated with work, money… If it fell out by itself it means it was meant to alert you to something. 😉

      Cups are water energy. They’re about emotions and feelings.

      I have a whole thing on my website where I document my learning experience. Have a look there if you like.


      1. I have to thank you. Being alerted about money, I checked my bank account and saw that the restaurant where we ate lunch today charged me twice. So, thank you!

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  2. I have a friend who has been doing a daily pull of 3 and one of the cards today was page of wands😲 I’m tripping out here!!

    Tomorrow is your Freedom Day!!🥳💃🏼 I’m so excited for you🥰

    Lots of Libras cuz lots of people having sex around the holidays 🤣🤣🤣🤣


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