One of the best ways to protect yourself from covid or any other diseases is to be antisocial like me. πŸ™ƒ

I was probably not born antisocial but it seems to suit my disposition at times.

Now before you think I’ve been sitting in one of the two houses I live in and cry myself to sleep every night this is simply not the case. I’ve been out socializing at least a couple of handful of times in recent weeks under the ruse that this is expected from recently released pandemic locked-down peeps.

I dressed in pretty dresses, heeled shoes and I even put some jewelry and makeup on. 😎

Eating in a restaurant has been wonderful diversion and I would like to do this again if for nothing less than to skip the dishes. Also fresh conversation with non-family members is so good for my soul…

But first I have to get through September.

September of course is back to school and hockey. In addition, the room I occupy at my mom’s house when I visit her will be taken for a while with other family coming into town. Which is just as well because I need to be with the kids and hold down the fort as they transition back to school.

I’m not worried about it. Things are going well at the moment and I expect it to stay that way.

Meanwhile I’ll just have coffee at my house on my new deck.

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  1. There is a course on “Coursera” about how to maintain mental health in the pandemic, and the teacher commented that this is a period when we should be PHYSICAL distancing, not social distancing.
    In other words, we should socialize with others without meeting them face-to-face. He mentioned that in the past he would talk with his friends for HOURS on the telephone, and he also recommends calling someone who is left alone in the pandemic, not to mention other useful ways to turn off your stress – at least for a short period.
    I recommend you to take this course and other courses like “Learning How to Learn”

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      1. Tell me about it.
        One of the most things I want is to live in a university for the rest of my life where I can meet and talk with people who can enhance my intellectual and socializing skills instead of just talking about TV shows and who did what.

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  2. Being antisocial today in a very antisocial way…at least with my irl peeps. Good time to catch up on bloggers. I’m not sure if that keeps me on the antisocial spectrum…hmmm….a deck sounds nice as long as it’s not hot or buzzing with mosquitos! Enjoy! Mona


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