Tarot Tuesdays – Wand cards, and an announcement

I mentioned in this video that I pulled some wand cards the other day.

So first, I had this deep, long chat with a friend. I wanted to sit down and make some notes but yada yada it didn’t happen right away. Before I walked away from everything to exercise I took my deck of tarot cards and shuffled while asking this question:

How do I re-center myself so I can focus on my tasks?”

Two of the three cards that appeared were the Seven of Wands and the Ace of Wands. (The third was the High Priestess but I will leave her this time.)

The Suit of Wands

Wands belong to the element fire which points to primal energy, creativity, ambition, determination, passion, sexuality, drive and willpower.

Fire is good (heat, cooking) and bad (destructive). My cards were upright so I will make the preliminary assumption that my fire energy is positive.

I discovered if a reading shows multiple wand cards, it means you are seeking solutions to issues based mainly in the thought-process, the planning stage of the solution making.

Before you can activate a plan you have to flesh it out and seek a deeper understanding. This can of course apply to all sorts of life situations. In the case of a new job/business venture/career you are at that stage when you prepare for the application and interview process.

With beginning or progressing relationships, starting families or ending a marriage, the same sort of internal discussion occurs. There are always logistics to plan out.

Side note: I remember when we first started talking about babies, the idea that we can’t afford a child was predominant and of course we panicked a little. (Everyone goes through this, I think.) Sitting down to analyze job security, other sources of income, internal and external support systems and all that sort of thing is part of the process. That’s wand energy right there.

Seven of Wands

He’s using one wand to fight the others coming up from the ground. It’s like he’s defending his territory.

See the mismatched shoes? This indicates he may not have been prepared adequately to fight for his position. He was caught by surprise.

I’m relating this to my new idea I’m cultivating. It’s a writing gig I’m going to launch which will hopefully include some collaboration from many of you. I already have the publication created, as well as the logo and byline… But I’ve been careful to not say too much so my idea is protected. The internet is a scary place and many bad things happen there… Who are these wands coming out of the woodwork? I haven’t encountered any yet, but is this a caution that it may happen?

On the positive side, he is wearing shoes even though they’re mismatched. He may have been caught by surprise but he still put his shoes on and went out to defend and protect his environment.

The Seven of Wand card is saying “stay alert, maybe put your shoes close to your bed so you won’t have to look for them when you need them”. It’s also saying ‘you’ve got this‘.

Ace of Wands

The hand is holding a wand that is sprouting in many places. Ideas are flowing and plentiful.

The land behind is fertile and rich promising many more ideas.

The mountain and river indicate a head’s up that even though the ideas are good ones and you have what it takes (fire energy) to active them (sprouts on the wand) there will be challenges in the future.

The Ace cards in general (all suits) imply a planting of seeds, which will sprout with attention and nurturing. This goes beyond making babies and having families, and can most certainly imply a business idea.

For me, the wand is sprouted. The fire energy is here. I have motivation, determination and willpower to follow through.

The Wands remind us of this:

It takes more than just a spark to build a fire and, more importantly, to keep it burning.


I don’t know how many of you are on Medium; I avoided writing on there for many years and was restricted to three free articles per month, which isn’t a lot. Last month however, curiosity got the better of me and I signed up for a year (at about $5 per month).

I mostly read on there now, and have imported a few stories from both of my blogs (this one and the erotica one) just to see what’s going to happen. (Not much, actually.) It didn’t take long though until someone on twitter invited me to join her publication and post erotic or sexual-content stories.

Of course I didn’t know what a publication was on Medium and went to pester Jonathan who is on Medium and knows a thing or two about it. Then, I joined that publication and posted a couple of things before I dropped off for reasons which are neither here nor there. (I am not done with the publication, I’m going back on it when time permits.)

But it was that experience which conceived my idea to design my own publication. I have already created a logo for it but have not had an opportunity to write the introduction for this publication, or launch it. I still have much to learn but this is the project I was referring to in my video and in the above tarot card analysis.

So. I’m asking you to stay tuned, and be patient for a little while longer. As I battle my usual “oh my god I don’t know how to start, what to do, what if I’m judged” I manage to re-rail myself back on track. I have much content (which is in draft form and pretty much illegible) but it’s coming together.

Slowly. (Which is how the cookie crumbles for me – SLOW BURN.) 😀

Side note: no worries if you don’t have a Medium account or don’t want to join. I will have a parallel theme on this blog for people who prefer to stay inside the blog world, meaning, most of my content will be on Medium but there will be enough on this blog to sustain ongoing interest (if I’m lucky) right here at WordPress.

I’m moving forward. I have forward propulsion here with all this wand/fire energy.

Here’s a glimpse into my new project. This is my logo.

Thank you for reading. This post will be published on my tarot page as well on my blog, and I thank you for reading, and especially for your continued support in the form of liking and commenting.

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