Tarot Supplement – eerily accurate cards

A funny thing happened while I was shuffling. One card flew out! My instinct was to pick it up and shove it back into the deck, but every professional tarot reader would have my head if I did that. They say the universe, or spirit, are communicating with me and that the wayward card fell out for a reason.

I picked it up and saw it was the Four of Swords. The other cards behaved themselves, so I pulled them from the deck myself.

If you want to see or hear me talk about the cards, click on this post which has a 5-minutes youtube video of me talking about these cards briefly.

Reminder: Swords represent the element air (intellect, thoughts). Cups represent the element water (emotions, feelings).

The tarot cards in my spread

I had a question I chanted in my mind while I shuffled the cards. I will keep this question to myself and just analyze the cards here for your to see how I put the images and symbolism together to fit a personal situation and mindset. If I can do this, so can you. Try it!

Four of Swords

The knight is resting, hands in prayer. He is in full armor.

A single sword lies beneath him, suggesting a single point of focus (or a major focus).

Other swords are pointing to head and torso.

Woman and child in window above

The knight needs rest before tackling the next challenge. There has been some trauma/battle in his life, and before he tackles the next steps he needs to regain perspective.

Silence and inactivity is a theme here… Maybe even some seclusion. Solitude, which many shy away from, is often necessary for rejuvenation. Great inner strength and emerging confidence can be achieved by shutting down the noise and clutter and recharging one’s batteries.

Time to reassess the next phase.

Page of Cups

There’s a lot of water in this card; behind the page and in the cup.

The fish in the cup jumps out and surprises the page symbolizing that unexpected and creative inspirations often appear out of the blue.

Creative energy is flowing (look at all the water).

Open your mind to all possibilities – even fish jumping out of cups!

Another possibility is that an unexpected surprise may appear.

Pages are often seen as messengers; in this case he’s bringing a message related to the water element which represents feelings, emotions, intuition, creativity. It’s a call to pay attention to the world around you and especially to your inner state.

Combine the two cards

If you’re in turmoil or undergoing some major changes in your life, take a moment with the Four of Swords card to rest and re-calibrate, then pick up the cup which the messenger Page of Cups brings you. If a fish can jump out of a cup then anything is possible!

The next card is a Major Arcana card.


This card points to strength, obviously, but also courage, persuasion, influence and compassion.

The lion, a wild beast, is typically ferocious but the woman managed to tame him with calm and loving energy. She knows he will not hurt her.

The lion symbolizes raw passion and desires (masculine energy).

Taming him with feminine energy demonstrates that raw passion can still exist even if inner strength and resilience is applied.

The infinity symbol above her head shows her infinite potential and power.

It’s almost like the lion represents animal instincts, those raw emotions and gut feelings. They are inner forces which can embody positive and negative emotions: from sadness, anger, rage, guilt or shame to love, compassion, or forgiveness.

The card is a reminder to bring balance to your internal state of mind. Be conscious of your urges. Balance the good and the bad to maintain equilibrium.


The universe must be frustrated with me. It keeps telling me to acknowledge the same thing, but with clever variations of the cards and their symbolism.

Which is the point of the cards. You see, the cards are not magic fortune tellers. Instead they take the life lessons we all encounter and guide us to tap into our intuition. If we’re open to it, we can then seek answers to questions already within us.

Deb mentioned in one of her comments on a previous post that the entire practice of reading tarot cards reminds her of therapy, and she is not wrong. In fact, I feel like this card shuffling, asking questions, and seeking answers by connecting symbolic messages from pictures very ritualistic and calming. I’m not always happy with the answers I come up with, but acknowledge their validity to personal circumstances.

Example: sometimes the tarot reminds me to let go of something. I have a tendency to let things fester, and I hang on tight for stupid reasons such as pride or the desire to be right. Maybe even some control issues. I’ve come to realize that these things don’t matter on a grander scale, and the tarot has helped me to stop resisting by showing me that it doesn’t serve me.

I’m not sure if I’m explaining it right, perhaps someone wiser than me can expand on this in the comments?

Point is, this was a great reading for me and solidified some pivoting decisions I’ve made in the past few weeks.

Forward propulsion is on. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading! To tap into my tarot card learning experience, you can click on this page. Or, you can watch some of the videos I made, which are not strictly about tarot and often include some glimpses into personal life. Either way, you’re welcome to check them out.

See you in the comments!

Reminder: I am on a blogging break with regards to the daily chit-chat. I will still drop by to read, answer comments, write comments on your blogs and share a few things I’m working on in other places. Plus I have some major domestic work to do around the house which will take me away from this screen for a bit. No worries, I’ll be back! Stay safe out there.

5 thoughts on “Tarot Supplement – eerily accurate cards

  1. I think your interpretations are spot on! I saw the woman as kind of a Mother Nature Goddess figure, and interesting that we are in Leo… I equate a lot of the symbols to astrology since I know a tiny bit more about that. Still not muchπŸ€ͺ
    A lot of what I’ve been reading on my astrology sites is very similar to what your reading tells you.

    Remembering that most things that we hold on to don’t really matter in the grand scheme is very freeing. So is remembering the only thing we can control is our own actions. We can’t even control our thoughts or emotions, they just are, but we can choose what we DO with them.

    Freeing up mental/emotional clutter makes more room for new things. New can be frightening because it’s unknown, but everything can add to our growth.

    Enjoy your break! I’m on a bit of a break also. πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ŒπŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’•

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