I’ve been productive in every aspect of my life for the past several days.

I’ve done yard work. House work. Cooking. Shopping. Went to appointments. Made new appointments. Wrote stuff. Edited stuff. Read stuff. Cleaned. Mowed the lawn. Shoveled pea gravel (teeny tiny pebbles) into bags to save for locations that remain to be determined (we had construction going on in the backyard and the leftover pebbles were sitting on a tarp in the middle of the lawn and I wanted to save the grass). I also shoveled dirt which was dug up from underneath the deck and dumped on the driveway. My son did some of it and I did some of it. Then I transplanted some overgrown flowers from pots to other pots. And tied a ginormous cucumber plant up onto a trellis. And equally large tomato plants as well. I walked the puppy. I chastised the puppy. I played with the puppy. I chased the puppy. I cleaned up after the puppy. I trained the puppy. I took photos for the puppy.

Anyway, I’m tired now. πŸ˜›

This weekend is a long weekend in Canada, the second last one prior to back to school. It’s called the Civic holiday and it means that Monday is a day off for most people.

Next Thursday the family is going camping. The dog has been equipped with a GPS on his collar, similar to those wild animals in the African safaris where they try to keep them protected from poachers. I’ve seen tigers and lions wear them and similar wild cats. Well, now Tucker has one too. They’re concerned if he gets loose somehow he will follow his nose (he’s a Beagle and just turned 1) and that’ll be a major fiasco, especially while in the bush. Because… coyotes.


Anyway, I’m not going to be there la di da… so they came up with some ideas of how to keep him close but still give him relative freedom which basically translates into many parcels arriving on our doorstep from online shopping.

I gave him a dirty look when I saw three more packages this morning but whatever. Sigh. I hope they can manage among the three of them to keep Tucker safe. They certainly have all the equipment now… πŸ™„

While they’re gone, I’m hoping to be as productive as I was the past couple of days. Ever since I returned from my mom’s place, where I spent almost two weeks ‘working/vacationing’ I’ve come back with a very determined outlook that shit needs to get done here now.

But certain things can’t be purged while they’re here. The kids rooms… omg. Part of the basement… ugh. (In his defense, he did a lot of purging down there already, as he knows he will have to teach online one more semester this fall.) But more purging can still be done.

So that’s what’s going on here. Nothing exciting, just normal family life with lots of productive productivity.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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