Writing cringe-worthy material and hitting publish anyway

A writing friend of mine wrote a little story the other day and shared it with me with the words “don’t laugh”. (I laughed… πŸ˜ƒ ) He isn’t currently publishing anywhere so there is no link.

Immediately after I read it (and lol-ed), I was so inspired I typed out a related story into my Evernote app. But before I decided to publish it on some platform, I hesitated. The content is a little cringe-worthy, truth be told (but relatable to so many of us).

Still, I dithered and dilly-dallied. It took the same friend to encourage me to get over myself and post it despite the cringe-worthy content.

So off I wandered to Medium where I happened to stumble on a call for submissions. The content of my story was appropriate so I ‘got over myself’ and hit publish.

You may wonder what I mean by cringe-worthy. Those of you who’ve read some of my kinkier posts on my erotic blog (or my book, thank you if you did, please leave me a review) know I’m capable of elaborate cringe-worthy material. This particular piece however has nothing to do with cringe-worthy kink. πŸ˜‡

In fact, it has nothing to do with sex at all, erotic or otherwise. 😳

But it’s still cringe-worthy. 😎

Sick of the word cringe-worthy yet? Sorry not sorry. πŸ™ƒ


I recently embarked on publishing on Medium just to broaden my horizons (and push my boundaries and expand my creativity). It will remain to be seen how it works out but I’m pumped about its possibilities.


Jonathan, another writer friend, has been hugely supportive and was able to share some tips and tricks from personal experience with that platform. I appreciate his insights; those of you who read him know he’s an IT geek professional and his experience with all things internet have always been invaluable to me. (Thanks, my friend!)

Side note: I love my writing tribe, which includes all of you who take the time to read and comment on my blog. Thank you. ❀

But back to my article. Here it is:

I had some adventures. πŸ™„

Please clap or comment on the article in Medium, if you like the story. I’d appreciate the views as it will help support my traction there. Thank you in advance.

Anyway, I am getting off this machine now to take the girl child to Costco. I haven’t been in that store since before covid, which makes it two years, but we have a coupon for over a $100 and the kids need underwear and socks and I need contact lens solution and toilet paper so…

See you in the comments.

17 thoughts on “Writing cringe-worthy material and hitting publish anyway

    1. Thank you. I know they restrict to 3 free stories per month I think. I finally broke down and became a paid member only because I need to become a paid writer. Or drop writing and go get a non-writing job. 😢

      But thank you for this comment. I appreciate it. πŸ™‚


  1. I hate when you’re peeing on the ground and it splashes on your pants,.

    When I was on safari in Africa, one of the girls in our group had a pee bottle, as she didn’t want to leave her tent during the night and get eaten by a lion.

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