Late afternoon walk

Yesterday my mom treated me to ice cream.

Actually, it was gelato. 😍

I picked my second favorite flavour. My first is pistachio, but I had that during date night with my daughter last week at another place, so this time I chose differently.

Guess what flavour I picked.


My mom used to take my minions to this ice cream shop back in the day when they were younger. They’d cycle down to the affluent marina, climb along some rocks to watch the yachts come and go, then head over to the little touristy street to get ice cream before cycling back home. πŸ₯°

Well, this time I drove and mom treated me. 🍧

The ice cream shop was a little nervous about covid I think because they did not let patrons inside like the shop last week where I treated my daughter on date night.

This shop set up the order taking out on the covered porch.

They brought the frozen treats out on a tray where people waited on the sidewalk.

The restaurants and patios were not busy, but it was only around 5pm so perhaps the crowds were still at work. Plus, it was Tuesday; I suspect by the weekend, the yacht owners and their boating posses will descend on the area and populate the patios.

The pictures show a cloudy sky; it’s been hot and very humid, but the walk along the lake was breezy which made it tolerable.

Today I head back into the noisy city. I will probably have to clean the house from dust, as the construction on the deck is nearing its final days. Next, then the family will be getting ready for a camping trip in a week’s time. I won’t be joining them. Those four days will be my next solo holiday. πŸ™ƒ

So off I go to start another busy day of driving in an un-airconditioned car. πŸ₯΅

33 thoughts on “Late afternoon walk

  1. I’d kill for a gelato right now. You can’t get it anywhere here near where I live. I recognize the marina there as my sibling used to live in that town and I remember going there for ballet/dance recitals and seeing the marina nearby.

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    1. Gelato is not ice cream. That fake sugary stuff they call ice cream makes me plunge into a hypoglycemic coma. Gelato is so different. I do not feel the same way when I consume it.

      Next time you travel around, you must find a creamery that sells gelato and treat yourself!

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      1. I live out in the boonies Claudette, there are no places here selling gelato or I would know! And I do I find that odd, considering it’s popularity. I do see small tubs of it in the grocery store but usually with strange flavor combinations and expensive if you just want one. I have the same problem with ice cream, but now buy Shaw’s Ice cream (found at No Frills for $6 for a large tub). The chocolate is divine – more flavor and way less sugar.

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  2. I would’ve gone for coffee flavor🀀 but hazelnut is good. Ooohh… coffee AND hazelnut… YES!πŸ₯³ Now I’m cravingπŸ™„

    Why aren’t you going camping, or do you NOT camp? Four alone days sounds blissful but so does camping TBH. We all love camping though, soπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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    1. Camping = bugs. Many bugs = many hives on my body.

      Ask me to camp in the fall and I would be the first one packed. Except…hockey season and back to school.

      So. Camping will have to wait. My vacation, an empty house for 4 days, is going to be AWESOME.

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  3. Sounds like heaven, these pictures are so nice to see. I’m worried about the delta variant spread. I have a sinking feeling we might be back to square one when it hits. Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed gelato before heading home to dust.

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