It never ends…

I’m staying at my mom’s for the duration of the deck construction back at my house. This time, I took the little troublemaker Beagle puppy and teen girl with me – there is no fence to contain Tucker while they’re building the deck, and the girl needed a change of scenery.

While at mom’s I’ve enjoyed an increase in productivity. I’ve been doing all the stuff I’ve been meaning to, and Getting. Things. Done.

And then, I got a text from home.

Prologue: I’m driving my dad’s old Saturn. It’s a wagon with functioning air conditioning and although it’s almost 20 years old, has low mileage and is in great condition.

My partner drives a 4 year old Elantra, the perfect commuter car for non-covid drives to work vehicle.

But the AC conked out in the Elantra and there’s a frion thing that’s affected the price due to covid supply-chain issues yada yada we made the decision to not fork over a grand right now to fix the AC.

While in the suburbs at mom’s, I have very little use for the Saturn. I needed it to bring Tucker’s crate but ended up returing it because he didn’t sleep in it. He sleeps with my mom.

So on Friday, I drove back home with the crate with the intention to switch cars since my partner had some long drives planned for the upcoming weekend and AC is nice when you’re stuck on gridlock highways… Right?

I drop the car and crate, then return to the burbs in the Elantra.

On Saturday in early afternoon, I get a text from my partner that he arrived at his thing an hour and a half north of the city and suspects he has an issue with the brakes.

Remember, the car is 20 years old, right? But we sank some money into it and we have a reliable, amazing mechanic, so keeping the car was a more prudent decision than replacing it.

But now, the brakes.

Anyway he says he’s going to stay and do his thing and he’ll let me know later if he has to call a tow truck.

At 4:30 I headed out to walk with Tucker and my daughter. When I got back, my mom was talking to my partner on the phone and her voice indicated the news was not good.

He made it from his outdoor club in the forest to the gas station next to the highway on-ramp at which point he lost all the brake fluid.


He called CAA to get a tow. But, even though we are in stage 3, and he’s fully vaccinated, they don’t promise stranded drivers a lift. You know, because of covid.

Anyway, long story slightly shorter, I had to go get him. The drive to his location from the burbs was about an hour and a bit but right away, I hit major gridlock due to construction.

Thanks to my hockey-playing kids, I’ve been driving around the Greater Toronto Area for 10+ years and with the GPS in my phone I was able to drive to Timbuktu with only a little anxiety…

While driving I realized some things: I was wearing yoga clothes and my shoes were wet (dog walking earlier), and I never put any make-up on.

I know make-up is not necessary, but I typically put on some foundation and mascara. It makes me feel better when I face people in public – call me vain or insecure, I don’t care. As far as the clothes were concerned, they were comfortable and I didn’t really care, but I should have remembered to change out of the wet shoes.


I got there in one piece. The tow had already left and I picked up the man and his equipment and after a quick pee break, we headed homewards.

We drove by the shop to ensure the car was delivered (it was).

I texted Nelson the mechanic to let him know (he responded).

*Nelson our mechanic working on a muscle-car*

Then we texted the teen boy if he needed dinner picked up.

That answer was negative – he went to get himself a burger earlier.

Meanwhile, neither us us had eaten in hours so we picked up fantastic Greek food and finally got home.

I spent the night in the city because it was too much to consider another drive back to mom’s. Besides, were now down to one car until we get the other one repaired. May have to replace it – hockey is starting back up this fall (unless they screw it up again) and with winter driving…

The car saga continues.

As far as today is concerned, we are heading to the burbs for the afternoon and dinner. I’ll stay, and the man and boy will head back leaving me car-less. That’s ok, I have access to mom’s car if I need it.

What I’m really looking forward to though is this:

Dessert. πŸ‹πŸ’›πŸ‹

19 thoughts on “It never ends…

  1. I hear you about the foundation and mascara! I prefer to be out in public with my eyebrows filled in; I’m, highly insecure about the natural look of my brows (they’ve been growing in patchy since I was 29) and feel a lot better about myself when I meet the world if they’re “perfected” with a brow pencil or powder.

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  2. I think if you’ve had the car for 20 years, it’s been quite a good investment for you guys! Hope you don’t have to look for a new one…those supply chain issues are affecting car sales, too. There isn’t much on the dealers’ lots these days.

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    1. We’ve had the car for 2 years but my dad was it’s original owner and bought it almost 20 years ago…

      After he was unable to drive mom wanted to sell it and he was both happy and sad that I took it off of his hands/bought it. But then I continue to visit him before he died and he saw his beloved car on the driveway occasionally so it was kind of bittersweet…

      Anyway we’ll see what happens. Thing about living in North America is that you pretty much need a car to get around. We never had a car in Switzerland didn’t need one.


  3. They talk to each other…cars that is. I swear they all gleefully decide they need work at the same time just to be an irritation. I see cake overload coming…

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