Tarot Tuesday – Pentacles and Cups energy

Yesterday I asked this question while shuffling my tarot cards:

What do I need to know for my upcoming week?

These were the cards that appeared in my spread:

Two pentacles cards, one of which I had not drawn before, and a cups card.

Eight of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Nine of Cups

Pentacles = Earth energy

Pentacles are earth energy and often represent work, creativity, and finances. Think of earth creating the foundation from which we can grow and develop; in modern society it often means work or career which provide us with the finances that we use to purchase goods and services to help us live.

Three of Pentacles

The young stonemason is communicating with two older, more experienced architects. They need each other; the architects designed the cathedral but need the stonemason to build it, the stonemason needs the plans from the architects to build the cathedral. Therefore the card is all about teamwork, collaboration and implementation. Mutual respect for each other’s craft and skill level will create synergy and improve the completed product. Essentially, this card represents a celebration of community effort.

How the Three of Pentacles applies to my situation

This card is quite appropriate to my current state of affairs since we have (had to) to come together as a family to discuss and implement the deck construction. Back and forth we discussed the preliminary plans, then consulted with our handyman Roger, until we came to a final (hahaha) solution. I laugh because the solution will probably change a few times as we progress the work. 😉

But this card also implies a connection to my writing and jewelry making.

I write words which are read by readers. In order to come up with words to write, I look at other people, or experiences I have with them, to muse me and my imagination. We rely on one another.

I make jewelry because it helps me to process my words which I write when I’m not making jewelry (get it? ha). The jewelry will make someone happy, especially when I take my in-progress plan and develop it into a customer base (as opposed to right now I’m the only one who wears the jewelry). I also consult with friends and my daughter who influence some of my design decisions. (Have a look at my instagram writerofwordsjewelry)

The Three of Pentacles arrived at the most opportune time to help me see I am, in fact, on the right path with my writing AND I discovered a new hobby which fuels my creativity and I enjoy immensely.

Cups = Water energy

Cups are water energy and represent feelings and emotions, intuition and relationships. Water can be nourishing and cleansing but also powerful or forceful.

Nine of Cups

The man sits on a wooden bench, which is more comfortable than a stone bench, but not so comfortable that you’d want to sit on it for a very long time (there are no cushions, for example). He looks happy; that’s because his nine cups are lined up orderly and seemingly completed or filled. The arch they sit on, draped by a blue cloth, represent fulfillment – you have created something and achieved almost complete fulfillment,which is why you’re sitting down on the semi-comfortable wooden bench before you tackle the final task.

How the Nine of Cups applies to my situation

Well, I have one book written, self-published and sold online. I have another book close to completion – just the other day I mentioned I am at the stage of creating a book cover for it. I feel a sense of accomplishment, although I’m not done yet. Final edit and uploading into the system, then marketing the book, still have to happen, but I am close to the finish line. I have earned the place on the wooden bench to enjoy the hard work achieved so far (but I’m just taking a break).

This can also relate to the fact that I have submitted to a contest two flash fiction pieces, and I have begun a jewelry business. Like the pentacle cards indicated earlier, all the (earth energy) work I have done so far allow me to tune into my emotional (water energy) fulfillment.

Do you like my Tarot journey? I have a whole page dedicated to posts already written, and a neglected youtube channel I hope to revive in the coming days. Tell me what you think!

Thank you for reading and see you in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – Pentacles and Cups energy

    1. I think I will address this question in a future blog post, but in short, there are two sites I visit regularly to help me understand, and one site I go to occasionally. I’ve read a few sites quite thoroughly initially (months ago) and found a few that speak to me more than others so I dropped the ones that don’t.

      I’ve also read a few ebooks but skipped certain parts if they didn’t speak to me.

      As I continue on this journey I found a shift happening – instead of consulting my sites first, I try to see things in the pictures first, and then go to the sites later to see if I missed something. I have learned to be more intuitive over the last few weeks with this practice.

      In addition, I listen to a few online tarot readings (youtube) and again, like with the websites, have narrowed down to a few who consistently speak to me, and dropped others. I listen to them while I make jewelry and keep one eye on the cards they pull. I learn peripherally that way as well. The good ones don’t ‘predict’ anything but guide you toward your own personal intuitive journey and, what’s more, show you how they make connections with the symbolism in the cards and life experiences around you.

      But I can honestly say I’m beginning to understand how to read the cards better now, having gone through this journey. 🙂

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  1. These are all cards I’ve heard mention of but had no idea of the meanings. Knowing that the Pentacles are earth energy & Cups are water energy seems so balanced to me. Like you’re doing great and the cards know it.

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