Sleeping arrangements, puppy drama and other mayhem

I’m trying to get my oompf back to write, come up with a subtitle for my second ebook, finish editing, and it’s not working.

So blogging it is. At least my fingers are typing.

I’m typing this at my mom’s house. I arrived here with girl and dog in tow shortly before lunch.

Welcome to my room aka office.

You should have seen me this morning (I felt like a lunatic)… 🙃

I packed up the Saturn as if I was moving OUT. Or taking an excursion to… where did the billionaires fly to in their space crafts? THERE. Someplace far away above the stratosphere. 😎

What I’m saying is, I packed the car like some sort of diva. Which I am not. At all. But you wouldn’t be able to tell this from looking inside the car.

I forgot to take pictures. You see, I had all this drama… 🙄

First, I offered to take the dog with me to my mom’s. The plan was all along for me to go spend time with her for a few days (weeks) sometime in mid-summer and since I have a room with a door there (which also has a lock on it I just discovered!) I was looking forward to the respite. I do not have a room to call my own at my house… (boo)

The timing was perfect because they’re taking the deck apart out back. They’re also taking the fence and gate down. When you have a beagle puppy, open space like that is not a good thing. 😛

Tucker needs to be contained INSIDE a LOCKED and SECURED fence and since that isn’t what the backyard is anymore, I offered to take him to the suburbs for the duration of the construction.

Anyway, the situation I was faced with was do I bring his crate, or not?

I decided to bring the crate. I can always NOT use it, but I’d rather HAVE it and not use it than not have it and NEED it. (get it? lol)

I was briefly reminded of the toddler days. Why do dogs and kids need so much stuff? Ugh.

So I packed the crate, and then I wanted to bring my jewelry supplies because I didn’t know how long I was going to be away and I didn’t want to be without this new hobby and before I knew it, the entire trunk of the wagon was full.

Anyway, about the puppy crate (just stay with me for a minute…)

Last night, my daughter and I were debating where Tucker was going to sleep. The question wasn’t so much whether he will be in the crate, or not, but rather, where the crate was going to be located.

I didn’t want it in my room because…

I don’t wanna.

I want peace and solitude and quiet.

My daughter refused to sleep with Tucker as well.

“He gets up too early for me!” the girlchild said, anticipating a rattling crate gate and puppy drama.

Here’s the thing.

In recent weeks, Tucker had been given the choice to enter or leave his gated crate on his own at night, meaning the gate wasn’t locked anymore. So, he still sleeps in the crate because he likes the security (and out of habit), but the gate remains open so he can move to the cool floor if he gets too warm.

With the gate open, he can choose to come up on the bed and snuggle with me anytime he wants (no matter how hard, or loud, I may protest.). He doesn’t for most of the night, but by about 5 am he thinks it’s time to get up and play. 😀

To make his point he usually walks all over me and then plops down on my head. 😳

That’s where he likes to snuggle. (He must think he’s a cat.)

Which is why my daughter, who has heard this story several times, is adamantly opposed to sleeping with the poochie.

Did I mention SHE is the REASON we have a beagle puppy? 😄

Well, I came up with a solution.

There is a small landing outside some of the bedrooms, with a door separating the hallway leading to the back.

Red circle is my room

The steps leading down to the main floor will be blocked by a baby gate to prevent puppy from wandering around causing trouble in the middle of the night.

But, he has plenty of room to sleep on the wooden floor if he chooses, or even go lie on the bathroom tile.

The room on the right used to be my room but is now my parents (mom’s) room.

Tucker’s crate on the landing


My mom likes to leave every door partially open. Even the closet doors.


My argument with my daughter, which resulted in both of us pawning off the puppy on mom, resulted in the now NEW debate on what to do about the doors. If mom really wants to leave all the doors open at night, then Tucker will have to be locked into the crate. I don’t have a problem with that because I can ignore his whining. If however grandma and girlchild can’t handle the whimpering pooch, then I guess they’ll either have to close doors and keep his crate open…


Forget the crate and sleep with him. Hey, if mom doesn’t have a problem with a beagle on her head, then I don’t have a problem either. 😂

Did I mention the lock on my door?

Lock on door. 😛😍

I am going to use it tonight.

17 thoughts on “Sleeping arrangements, puppy drama and other mayhem

  1. Gibson likes to sleep on my bed and usually across my legs so I have to lay at an angle to stretch out. When I get tired of him being there I kick him out and he goes in search of another bed and another person to disturb. 😁😁
    We love him regardless.

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  2. Good to see that Tucker is following the great beagle tradition of making sure all our humans cannot oversleep and get the comfort and benefit of our presence throughout the night and then at 5 am. Lenny & I will wander about seeking gravy bones and then he will try to get on the big bed. When he is removed he waits for them to sleep and quietly sneaks onto the bottom and then gradually makes his way up. The first they know is when he has flopped down in between them or has laid his chin on dads head. Sometimes he will curl up on mums head and pillow although this wont last long.

    Liked by 1 person

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