Tarot Tuesdays – The Moon

In recent weeks, the moon in the sky had featured prominently both in our daily lives and all over the news media. There were full moons and strawberry moons and an eclipse… Unsurprisingly, the moon is on my mind.

Interestingly, the Moon tarot card itself doesn’t seem to appear very often; for me, it hasn’t at all. I have not drawn the Moon XVIII Major Arcana card at all in the months I’ve been learning the tarot.

My mom has her own deck of cards, and every once in a while she sends me a text to let me know what cards she pulled. She did see the Moon card appear at least once, but she said she didn’t like its messages.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the Moon card mainly to educate mom (who reads this blog) as well as myself and others who have an interest in learning more about tarot card reading and interpretation.

The Moon XVIII

The card on the left is the classic Rider Tarot card, the one on the right was a gift from Summerhill Lane and called Shadowscapes Tarot.

Let’s look at the card

I’m going to focus on the classic card for the sake of learning, as the Shadowscape has a more complex interpretation that I feel is just a little bit too advanced for me at this point. I will dig deeper as I get more comfortable, so this part is just the beginning, scratch-the-surface sort of descriptions.

This is what I see:

  • the moon seems to shine less bright than the sun
  • it is flanked by two towers, each with a tiny window
  • there is a mountain range in the distance
  • a crayfish surfaces from the water and begins to follow the path leading toward the mountains
  • a dog and a wolf are howling at the moon

The moon’s light

We know the moon shines at night and although its light can be bright, it is not as bright as the sun.

We sleep at night, our subconscious is hard at work processing our inner thoughts. The path to higher consciousness (awakening) is only slightly illuminated by the moon’s light. But it is enough to see the path clearly.

The towers

The two towers flank the moon, and provide a gateway for the emerging crayfish who begins his journey on the path. The tiny windows in the tower are like eyes – someone or something is watching you. Could it be the eyes of our conscious mind which are walled off while we sleep?

The mountains in the distance

The mountains are far away, but a clear path leads the way to some mysterious new adventure. What is it we are moving toward? What will we see there that we don’t see here and now?

The crayfish surfacing from water

This is symbolic for illuminating ideas emerging from the subconscious. We are awakening and seeing more clearly. But the crayfish is still in the water signifying our consciousness is still in the early stages of unfolding.

Reminder: water is an element that represents feelings and emotions. Intuition belongs in that category.

Dog and Wolf

The dog is domesticated, evolved from the wild. The wolf is still wild, untamed. Both domestic and wild are present under the moon. The moon is encouraging the wild side to emerge and take the risky path to the unknown by illuminating a small but significant enough light on the path.

My own interpretations

The moon might indicate that you project your fears and illusions into your present and future moments. It’s holding you back from taking the riskier (wilder) path toward new beginnings. What lies ahead? You will never know unless you take a chance. Allowing past experiences, especially negative ones, to influence your future decisions (mainly by injecting fear and the desire to stay safe at all costs) will not progress you forward.

Deal with your buried emotions so you can pass through the gateway and seek out what lies ahead with clear vision and an open mind.

The crayfish has already taken the first step – it represents the subconscious which is emerging from the puddle of fear and inhibitions.

Nothing is as it seems

There are many other branches of interpretation that touch on illusions and uncertainty. I did not dig too deep into that aspect, but will save it for another time, perhaps when I actually do draw the Moon card myself.

For now, the moon’s message is as it simple (for me): don’t project your fears from past experiences. You only live once. It ties quite nicely into my mantra IF NOT NOW, WHEN? Don’t you think?

Thank you for following along my tarot journey. You can find out more posts on my learning experience here.

8 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays – The Moon

    1. Some people see it as a lobster. The point is, it’s emerging from water which is where the symbolism begins (emerging subconscious)

      Water is an element and symbolic to emotions. Moon affects water (tides)… See? Interesting, isn’t it.

      And fascinating. πŸ™‚

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  1. I still relate things to astrology. The Moon is “female” energy, tides, emotions, and women in our lives. The face of the Moon on the Tarot card looks female to me.

    You see crayfish, I see scorpion cuz Scorpio is a “water sign”.πŸ˜‚

    I like your general interpretation. I would definitely say the Moon is about emotions, and use whatever interpretation comes to mind.

    Interesting that you haven’t drawn the Moon, but maybe it’s because your emotions are present. You aren’t ruled by them, but you acknowledge them, and experience them😘

    That other Moon card is beautiful!😍 That would take a much closer examination to see all the details.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Seems like you’ve been doing a lot of readings C, hope the ones you’re doing for yourself is making you happy and serving the purpose you’re doing it for.
    On a lighter note, wonder if Tucker can get a reading tooπŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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