Hair appointments, vaccines and a reminder

I think it was October when I last went to get a haircut in a salon.

They were open very sporadically over the lockdown periods in the past 16 months, but I know many of the smaller salons either went out of business or are struggling.

The salon in my big-city-little-neighbourhood corner of Toronto has four chairs in it. Back in October they had people make appointments and at no time was there more than one customer in the salon. But, they got shut down anyway. Because… of course they are the big culprit in transmitting deadly viral diseases… πŸ™„

Meanwhile the big box stores were kept open… 😐


Anyway, today we move into Stage 2 which means today is the first day the salons get to open. I called last night hoping to get an appointment in next week and she had an opening at 5 pm tonight which surprised me! Pleasantly!

I am going to have new hair tonight. πŸ˜€


I got vaxxed yesterday.

My appointment was at the same location as before, in the old empty Target at the end of a mall, at 11 am.

When I got there the lineup was all around two corners. I thought, what? Are they not adhering to appointments? Is there another option to walk-in, maybe?

I looked at the people in line and thought, no one looks resigned. This is what this pandemic has done to us – we no longer react to things like long lineups. It’s strange, isn’t it.

There was no choice but to line up. I took my spot and almost immediately, the line moved forward by three of four spots. At that point, I thought I’d check my phone to see if I got the inevitable “what can I eat” text from my son but the line moved again, and then again, and before I could wonder why the line was moving so fast, I was at the door.

“We just opened,” they explained and sent us in to go through all the usual questions about feeling ill etc.

In Canada, there was/is an ongoing issue with vaccine distribution or something. I got an email the day prior that if I had booked my first shot on or after June 16 I would be given a second shot of Moderna, not Pfizer.

If however my first appointment was prior to June 16 and I got the Pfizer then (I did) then I would get the Pfizer again for the second shot.

It’s approved in Canada, to mix vaccines. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ (I would have declined to accept a mix.)

When I got to the second station where they scanned my health card and all that, they gave me a yellow sticker. I was then directed to follow this line, not that one. People without a sticker had to go somewhere else.

It became clear that the yellow sticker meant a station with Pfizer vaccines.

I must say it was extremely well organized and managed. Well staffed, clean, orderly. I love that part if it! Why can’t it always be like this? Anxious people like me will feel less anxious when there is no chaos or disorder…

Anyway, I got pricked, then sat in recovery for 15 minutes and that was that.


Lots of other stuff going on but I will leave this for another time. Thank you all for responding to my second post on the Tell me your favorite or least favorite thing about you – I have posted the answers for the first one and will compile a similar list for the second one in the coming days.

I also have other news to share…

Stay cool if you’re somewhere in North America – apparently the entire continent is on fire. We have A/C here in Ontario (not everyone does and I feel for these people, I grew up without A/C and remember it well) but people on the West Coast (my siblings) do not and they are struggling…

Ashley? You managing? Deb? Sending you cool vibes…


33 thoughts on “Hair appointments, vaccines and a reminder

  1. It’s incredible the cognitive dissonance!

    People are irresponsible and dangerous for recommending a vaccine which hasn’t undergone long term safety trials and for which the manufacturers are exempted from liability.


  2. Oh god the heat is killing me thank god we have AC. Good to know the shot didn’t effect you negatively. We got Moderna and it messed with us. Anyway glad to hear about the hair. I need to go get mine done.

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  3. Excellent + thought provoking post w a β€œDay In The Life” feel about how the post-Covid world has changed all of us. Even getting a haircut has turned into a more complex process.

    Take Care + thx for sharing! πŸ™‚

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  4. I have a friend who works for Pfizer and she would be aghast over the idea of mixing vaccines. She’s irritated enough that Canada is spacing them out longer than the approved two weeks, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

    It’s been hot here, but not unusually so, thankfully.

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    1. Nowhere near as irritated as I am…

      So I was given shot 1 on May 9 and shot 2 on June 29 (which was originally scheduled for August 29). How many weeks is that? (Went to count) 8 weeks.

      I was unwell for 24 hours but better now.

      What a mess. But we’re on track now, I guess…

      You know I was not initially on board with this whole vaccine thing at all because I simply do not trust those politicians… And rightly so. πŸ™„

      Anyway. All done now. πŸ˜€

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  5. I haven’t had my hair cut by anyone except me or a daughter in decades!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I really should just buzz it. It’s always up anyway.
    I’m excited for for! Pricked AND a haircutπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ₯³ I bet you’ll feel loads better with those 2 simple things.πŸ’•

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    1. I have some weird side effects. Not sick with recognizable symptoms but feeling unwell. Let’s hope this passes quickly. I’m already in n bed prior to 8 just because I’m tired and achy…

      But! I have new hair! Maybe I’ll post a pic tomorrow. πŸ˜‰

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  6. Yay for vaccination, and hair cuts. I suggest going dramatic and edgy! We are sitting under a lovely cloud layer today with temps at normal range, meaning 73ish. I am in heaven.

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  7. In hindsight, many things could have been done better with the roll-out, But considering that Canada now has the best per capita vaccination rate, there’s not too much to complain about. As for mixing, I’m a triple: First shot AstraZeneca, a week later tested positive (only mild symptoms), and then a second shot of Pfizer. Quite the cocktail.

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      1. I had a slight runny nose and a bit of a sore throat that lasted for a day, so it wasn’t until a week later that I got tested. Should have gotten tested sooner, but I thought it was just the dust/pollen/smoke in the air. Luckily, I have kept my contacts to to a minimum this year and only 2 of them have to self-isolate (but did not get it).
        Were my symptoms mild because I had my first shot? Maybe, but I’ve never had a flu shot and have rarely gotten sick.
        On the plus side, in two weeks I get to see my parents.


  8. We’re back down to relatively civilized temperatures today. My parents live in the interior, which is insanely hot right now, but most people have air conditioning there, unlikely Vancouver. I managed okay, and had a system involving containers of ice to keep the guinea pigs comfortable.

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  9. I’ve only had my haircut professionally once in the last 15 months. I finally booked an appointment for this afternoon but my stylist just called and cancelled. 😩 Looks like it’s another week of frizzy humidity crazed hair for me.
    Glad you’re fully vaccinated now! I’ve been breathing so much easier since mine a few months ago.

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