Tarot Tuesdays – swords and air

The other day I pulled the Three of Swords card and immediately thought, oh no, not again.

Three of Swords

Just look at this card. Three sharp swords are stabbing a bright, red heart. πŸ’”

But then, I looked closer.

The heart, it seems, is not bleeding. I don’t see any drips of blood… There are also clouds and rain, or wind, behind the heart – what does it all mean?

As you know I’m learning how to tap into my intuition and use the tarot cards as a tool to guide me on my journey here. But I don’t know enough to interpret the cards yet, so I consult some of my trusted sources.

Three of Swords

This cards implies resilience. If your heart feels broken (loss, grief, sadness etc) this card tells you that it isn’t really broken, not in the physical sense. It is still intact, and able to mend itself. Sure, you may display some scars, which you will now carry forth in the form of wisdom, but your heart is not so shattered that you are unable to go on.

At the same time, this card allows you to feel your grief. Take it as permission from the universe that you are allowed to wallow and feel sorry for yourself for a time. Go ahead and collapse, go through all the emotions, and ride it out.

The ultimate message is, this too shall pass. There is life and opportunity on the other side of this. Take your time now to get through it, because healing is not linear. It takes time to go through the motions of pain and suffering.

This card reminds us that heartbreak, pain, loss and setbacks are part of life. The scars these events leave behind help form us into the person we are becoming. And the most important lesson? We can overcome this pain.

Side note: teenagers. πŸ˜πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜‰

Element air

The swords cards are connected to the element air. We know that air is unseen, but it can change and become a powerful force quite suddenly.

Air is essential, can remain invisible and unnoticed, or become suddenly fierce and powerful such as in a gust of wind or a wicked storm. Therefore, air is associated with knowledge, power, action, force, courage, ambition and change.

Multiple swords in your spread

When you choose multiple cards during a reading and you find you’re selecting mostly swords, it signifies you’re dealing with some mental struggles. Perhaps you’re having some arguments or conflicts which require a moment of reflection before things get ugly. Swords can represent negative emotions like anger, harsh judgements or even guilt. If several of your cards are swords, you can interpret this as a message which alerts you to be more aware of what is occurring around you.

Zodiac connection

We know that swords represent the element air. In the zodiac, three signs are connected to air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air sign people are often described as intelligent, thoughtful, analytical and rational. They are also generally considered good communicators.

On the other hand, some air sign people might be viewed as too ruthless, too rigid in their thoughts and expectations, perhaps domineering, even confrontational. All of these characteristics refer back to the mental capacities that are part of the element air which is represented in the suit of swords cards in the tarot.

What does this card mean for me?

Well my life is a little unstable at the moment. I’ve been reflecting on the recent deaths of various family members (my father last year, my Swiss cousin just prior to covid, my SIL three years ago) – they have featured prominently in my own life journey recently (which is relatively introverted). We’re still in the early stages of re-opening and although we are getting out a bit more, things definitely aren’t ‘normal’ just yet.

In addition to that, I’ve been writing some hindsight stories, mostly fiction but with elements of experience from life around me, that have me mourn some things as well: missed opportunities, chances not taken due to fear, even some regret. The What-Ifs or the If-Onlys have been preoccupying my head (and heart), which makes this Three of Swords card relevant to my situation at the moment.

The message is:

Feel the emotions, know it will pass, and then turn your attention and focus to the next steps in life.

7 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays – swords and air

  1. I love your tarot Tuesday insights. Just looking at the cards really does bring up situations and also buried emotions that now is safe to examine and make peace with.

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  2. This too shall pass is clearly the mantra for anyone with kids of any age…doesn’t it seem that parenting is all about getting to the next stage?

    Liked by 1 person

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