Now tell me

What is your least favorite thing about you?

If you struggled with the question about what you like best about yourself, this question might be more difficult to answer.

I have less trouble with this question than the first one – is it because I’m stuck in a negativity vortex? Maybe. I have reasons and excuses for feeling meh at times – the pandemic with its endless lockdowns definitely affected many of us, but we’re finally turning a corner and summer has arrived so things are looking up. Still, as a Libra, I do love equilibrium, so to balance out my previous post I must have a counter question. You know, so the scales don’t tip too far in one direction. 😀

One of the reasons I turned to tarot readings is to help me see better what is going on deep within me. I have a post mostly ready for next week’s Tarot Tuesday and may even find some time to do another video clip, we’ll see…

But in the meantime, tell me about some aspect you dislike about yourself. I’ll share the answers in a future post and link back to you, just like I said with the previous question.

21 thoughts on “Now tell me

  1. Dislike? I’m pretty perfect lol but if I must answer: I tend to think about things waaaaay past their expiration date, like no one else in the situation is thinking about it, but I’m over here going over 5,789 scenarios of what the other person could’ve done, what I should’ve done, etc., etc., etc.

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  2. My least favourite thing about myself probably changes from week to week. I imagine (taking a step back) it’s probably both a good thing and a bad thing – that I often do my own thing, often to the point of cutting my nose off to spite my own face. I’m a wanderer, I suppose.

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  3. I like balance too even though I’m not a libra 🙂

    I don’t like my tendency to flip flop over up and down moods so a sort of depression/negative way of seeing the world I have some days or over a hyper sensitive/over thinking nature thing? Anyway, something I thought of.

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  4. I procrastinate if I really don’t want to do something. On most things, I’ll jump on it and get it out of the way. But if it’s something I really, really don’t want to deal with, I put it aside. As if it will just go away. Rather like Scarlet O’Hara, “Fiddle De Dee, I’ll think about it tomorrow.” 🙀

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  5. I’m a Libra too. 😆 and that means it takes a lot to make up my mind. I over analyze everything. I twist and turn every word, every movement. By the moment I take a decision it may already be too late… I missed a lot of opportunities because of my indecisions.

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    1. Omg does this ever sound like me. 😳

      I’m in the process of writing an anthology on the topic of missed opportunities and hindsight. It’s a way to process things (now that I’m older and, theoretically, wiser)… 🙃

      You are not alone.

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  6. Sticking to my first answer format: physically my nose in profile view. So much bigger than what I expect. In general: I would like to be more laid back, spur of the moment, relax and let life happen. There’s too much planning in my life.

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  7. I think out too many things. It’s annoying personally because it means my brain never rests. It’s annoying to others because apparently “I have an answer for everything”

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