Tell me

What is your favorite thing about you?

I struggled with this question at first, but I have an answer now. I’ll share mine, along with yours, in a future post.

Your turn.

24 thoughts on “Tell me

  1. I think it is my ability to appreciate being silly. I like taking off my shoes and walking in puddles, telling stories about gnomes in tree stumps to make a boring walk more entertaining. My over active imagination can be a burden but I certainly won’t give it back. I couldn’t write if I only wore my own shoes.

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  2. My optimism. It keeps me happy because I can fall smack dab in a mud puddle and get up thinking “that was refreshing.” And it’s enabled me to do hard things because I always think they are going to turn out and when they don’t, my optimism always decides that this will be even better and helps me readjust.

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  3. I like my nordic traits-greenish blue eyes and blonde hair, long legs and forehead but as I get older and realize looks are fleeting and a small part of who you are…I like my ability to change perspective, move with the times, and find solutions by looking outside the box.

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  4. My smile. It is something I can do and I don’t have to say a word but it can mean something so much to someone. You may never know how important it is to another individual. A simple smile. It is, after all, the least you can do.

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  5. My favorite thing about myself? It has always been my creativity. No matter what the situation, I have always been able to come up with a creative solution to any problem . I am an out of the box, eccentric thinker. And I like that about myself.
    However, since I was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, and have had to battle it on and off since then, my new favorite thing about myself is my sense of humor. Somehow, through all the the pain, the challenges, and the setbacks, I’ve retained a sense of humor. Being able to laugh at life and look for humor in everything (even ovarian cancer), is my new favorite thing about myself.

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