Tarot Tuesdays – King of Cups

The cards I picked and talked about in this youtube clip (only 5 minutes) last week were the King of Cups, the Hermit and the Tower reversed.

I’m going to address the King of Cups today, and leave the two Major Arcana cards for a separate post at a later date.

You may recall that the element for cups in tarot is water. Water is fluid, which implies feelings and emotions, so any card that features cups will point to things which are related to emotions.

Water in cups cards = relationships, healing, loss (grief, breakup), intuition, spirituality

Referring back to the day prior I picked the King of Cups card, I remember being extremely emotional. I was impatient with the kids, angry at some screw-ups, frustrated at their lack of willingness to help me out with something without it becoming a battle and a variety of other situations. The puppy and his shenanigans at that particular time didn’t help my emotional state, and yes, I lost it. I even admit it.

Inevitably the kids disappeared, I cried into my leaky water bottle (thanks to Tucker and his stealing everything I own and leaving bite-marks as evidence) and then took him for a walk. I reflected on what had happened and realized I did not act like the responsible adult I’m supposed to be. I let myself be fueled by (their) negativity which we’re all feeling these days. I reacted in a way that was neither productive nor positive. For any of us.

Which is why it’s weird that I pulled the King of Cups.

Here’s what I discovered about this card:

He is at the end of the journey (Ace, 2-10, Page, Knight, Queen, then King). So technically he is:

  • emotionally balanced
  • compassionate
  • diplomatic
  • analytical
  • wise
  • controls his emotions
  • has achieved a position of stability and strength


I did not feel or conduct myself like any of those descriptions at all that day.

But, the tarot does more than just identify symbolic messages which help us tap into our intuition. The tarot also helps us redirect, or remind, that sometimes life throws us curve-balls.

King of Cups message

With the tarot, the idea is that a card shows up for a reason. The trick is to find out what the reason is by tapping into your intuition.

Why did this card show up for me now?

Clearly, I needed a reminder that despite challenges which are beyond my control (teens, lockdown, household issues) I should be able to remain emotionally mature when faced with negativity from others. (This is going to be very hard for me, as I tend to lash out and get defensive due to my impatience streak, which makes the card’s message extra helpful to me.)

How to read the card

I see the king on the card holding his cup, but not looking at it. He’s gazing off into the future.

It symbolizes that he is self-assured and does not need to check what emotions are contained in the cup; he knows he can handle whatever life throws at him.

I was thinking ‘but I don’t feel that way’… 😐 But, the card appeared in my reading to redirect me with the message that I am able. I can handle anything because I have it within me to manage my emotions. (We’ll see… 🙃)


Sea creatures – creativity

Choppy waters – turbulent times

The card tells me to control my impulses which let emotions get the better of me, especially during challenging/turbulent times. I am creative and can come up with alternate ways to deal with challenging situations. It tells me that if I do that, the family might be less upset with me which would make me less upset with them. (Perhaps they should do their part too, but I digress… ) The point is, I’m king of my emotions, and a wise, fully-formed adult. (Keep reminding me of this, King of Cups.)


I pulled the King of Cups at a time when I felt the opposite of what he represents: I felt vulnerable, sad, discombobulated, stressed, volatile and vulnerable. The card reminded me that maybe my expectations are too rigid, and to open my mind a bit more to allow myself to see the entire human dynamic instead of just the incident at that moment.

The King (of Cups) is capable of remaining level-headed and in control of his emotions. Since I pulled the card, I am going to take this as a sign that with practice, I too can be level-headed and in control of my emotions (instead of impulsive and impatient).

I can, and will, stay true to my emotions and refuse to allow others to lead me off course.

All that’s left to say on that topic is…

…stay tuned. 😀

5 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays – King of Cups

  1. Tarot Tuesdays! I think we’re all a little in need of reminder to be in control. I’ve been trying not to snap but with so much stress on all of us, it happens. You’re doing the best you can. Thanks for the detailed interpretation.

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  2. I find this all so interesting. Oddly, I was walking down the street the other day and a reader had set up her stool on the street…she sort of looked like you….😉

    Liked by 2 people

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