Speeding toward the light at the end of the tunnel

On Tuesdays I will be free.

Free as a jailbird!

Until I tackle my WIP to-do list, that is. Then I’ll be shackled to other responsibilities…

Who said adulting is easy? Teenagers think this…

Tuesday I tackle a different to-do list than the family-related ones. Sure, tending to kids and household chores and maintenance is part of my life, but as you know from all the complaining about never-ending lockdowns, I have divided my time between being a full-time family person on the brink of an emotional breakdown and a career-focused writer who wants to pursue her goals which include publishing more WIPs and getting a job. (Seems I can’t be both simultaneously…)

This is coming back now. I am grabbing Tuesday by the balls, so to speak. Ha. πŸ˜‰

I’m overdue. Can’t wait.

In other news, restrictions were lifted slightly to stage 1 a couple of days ago but the lineups to do anything *legally* πŸ™„ are huge and driving people back home.


Yet it’s finally a step forward. I seriously doubt anyone in Ontario, even the most afraid of covid, will take another lockdown lying down. Enough with this madness… Oh, they *retired* the top doctor in this province who was the most avid pusher of lockdowns as a means to support struggling hospitals, so we’ll see what the new guy will be like.

Moving along…

Last piece of news for today, before I turn on my laptop:

My contest piece is done. I will submit it next week. Maybe even on Tuesday!

I saw this flash fiction contest appear in my notifications a couple of weeks ago and it looked interesting enough to whet my appetite. I revitalized something I wrote before but wasn’t happy with the ending. So, I sat on it after playing around with various different endings, but it just hadn’t felt right. Until a few days ago. πŸŽ‰ After sleeping on it and refusing to look at it for several days, I am still happy with the ending and won’t be changing it again.

Still have to send it to one other set of eyes, maybe I’ll do that today.

So, looking forward to crossing another item off my writing to-do list.

Hello Sunday! Things are looking up.

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