The entire house smells. Why?

Skunk. Sprayed on puppy. Last night. That’s why.


25 thoughts on “Smell

  1. I had this happen years ago. I seem to remember using something called skunk out that I bought at the vet a few times as the smell took forever to get out( my dog was longer haired than yours)

    Hope it does not take too long to get rid of the smell.

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    1. Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish soap apparently. The man and the girl googled while keeping the dog inside before bathing him in the tub. I would have kept him outside and used the hose… but I was already in bed.

      There’s a shampoo he ordered now.

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      1. I got sprayed by a skunk once and I wasn’t even chasing it. Washing in tomato juice was the standard treatment.😁 It didn’t work.


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