Two snippets

Follow your instinct, listen to your gut, let your intuition guide you.

Reminder to self

I need to get back to listening to my intuition. I dropped off a bit doing other stuff, but the time has come to get myself back on track. So, I must return to my tarot cards.

It seems I am coming undone again. Is it age? Life circumstances? Pandemic bullshit? Hormones? What? 😱

Can’t blame everything on teenagers… πŸ™ƒ

The reason I stared reading tarot cards, and listening to online readings, is to learn how to center myself when I feel unbalanced, unhinged, or discombobulated. The cards helped me tune in to my psyche, tap into my innermost emotions, and then rewire my thinking toward the positive. It helped guide me to focus on my path and leave the distracting mental clutter aside.

Truth be told, this pandemic did a number on me right at a time I was at a very important fork in the road. Everything came to a screeching halt.

I’m still there at the fork in the road, undecided which direction to take.

Actually, that’s not quite right. I seem to have one foot on a path, the direction has been chosen, but the other foot is still planted firmly at the junction.

The tarot cards will help me find my way. So back I go to choosing my cards. Perhaps I’ll find a moment to YouTube it for you. πŸ™‚


Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon gardening. Specifically I dealt with an unsightly edge of tall grass that can’t be reached by the weedwhacker due to how the chicken wire fence was attached around the veggie plots.

So, I grabbed my gardening gloves and some shears and got on my hands and knees to trim manually what I could reach. Next, I clipped the bottom of the fence to roll it up just enough to trim the rest of the grass.

To prevent the grass from growing in that spot again, I laid some landscape fabric along the edge of the raised bed, and placed an old panel of fence on top to weigh it down.

Hopefully this will keep things a little more orderly.

I won’t describe how the little Beagle puppy helped me. πŸ˜€ I also won’t complain about the hole in one of the fingers of my gloves or the bite marks on my water bottle. 😐 Nor will I mention how the neat pile of long grass I snipped became a snack for a dog who thinks he’s a goat. 🐐

The grass snipping wasn’t finished yesterday so I hope to return to that job today.

Pictures to follow.

13 thoughts on “Two snippets

  1. You have a lot of discipline with this. I remember one of my friends who is married to a man from Turkey gave me as a gift a necklace to protect me from evil. It is the evil eye pendant. It kind of gave me the creeps but I gave her similar earrings. It hangs near my closet. Somedays I would like to give it away but I trust my instincts and decide it might bring something.

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    1. You mean the tarot? I’m just dabbling in something new to help me tap into my intuition. I am not a religious person – many people who have a connection to god or a specific holy deity will look toward that for guidance instead. I decided that the spiritual side of tarot card reading was worth looking into deeper so I gave it a go. Something to focus on while I was stuck in lockdown and all that. πŸ™‚

      That necklace does sound a little creepy… but there are many symbolic ways which different cultures use to help guide them through life’s journey. Sounds interesting to me. πŸ™‚

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      1. Yes, you do have a lot of discipline towards learning about the tarot cards. That is admirable. I am not a religious person but I grew up with an interesting religious background which sometimes will come into play with my daily life in unexpected ways.

        I have also received presents from students of other cultures similar to the evil eye. Possibly the necklace is a little creepy to me because I do not care for my friend’s husband from Turkey. That is a long story but perhaps I need not to judge him by her changes. Sometimes it is what it is. Thanks for responding!

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  2. There’s nothing like getting a puppy to put some vim into your life. It’s like getting an injection of Joie de vivre straight into the bloodstream. I think it’s worth all the chewed shoes and holes in the lawn.

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