Tarot Tuesdays – the Hierophant V

Welcome to another Tarot Tuesday: here is a 3 minute clip from my new youtube channel introducing the Hierophant Major Arcana card, pulled in upright and reverse positions.

One day about a week and a half ago I pulled three tarot cards, one of which was the Hierophant. I pulled him in the upright position and did a quick read-up on what it was all about.

I had no clue how to apply any of the messages to my circumstances, so I skipped over him.

Then all hell broke loose and I moved out of my house and in with my mom for a few days (that was last week). I blame the super-moon and lunar eclipse and the ensuing Mercury retrograde. (ha)

That Saturday at mom’s I pulled three cards again. These cards:

It appears I picked the Hierophant again, but this time in reverse.

So let’s take a closer look at this card. The Hierophant appears in the Major Arcana in fifth place. To look at my analysis of the other cards with the number 5 (the Minor Arcana – Five of Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords), click here.

Here is the general description of the Hierophant card on its upright position:

  • Law
  • Holy
  • Respect
  • Ceremony
  • Knowledge
  • Tradition
  • Conformity

One of the reasons I skipped over the Hierophant before is because several of the descriptions I read in my trusted sources kept quoting religious meanings. I find those a little hard to understand since I have almost no religious training, or exposure, so I decided to put the whole thing aside to address another time. But, when I pulled the card in reverse and subsequently read the reverse message, I suddenly saw something that appealed to me. Which is why I’m revisiting. πŸ™‚

But in order to understand the reverse reading, I have to briefly touch on the Hierophant’s upright significance.

The figure in the card is considered the keeper of religious content, which also implies he is the master of esoteric wisdom. Yes, he kind of looks like a Pope, or some other high-level religious figure, whom we might consider well-versed in religious doctrine, studies and teaching.

But one source took it a step further and assigned the Hierophant insights into ancestry and tradition. Those were ideas that I could align myself with.

When I looked up the card’s key words when in the reverse position, I was immediately attracted to its descriptions. (Those of you who know me will either chuckle here, or roll their eyes at me. HOLD on to your HAT, people…)

Hierophant in reverse


  • rebellion
  • unconventionality
  • non-conformity
  • new methods
  • ignorance

(source: labyrinthos.com)

I thought “now you’re speaking my language” and dug deeper. πŸ˜€ Turns out our upside down Hierophant also points to challenging the status quo.

In a way, he reminds me to be my own teacher, rather than to look elsewhere (a religious figure) to help me find the answers I’m looking for. I can buy into that because I do not subscribe to any particular religion; I find them all interesting in an academic sort of way but beyond that, I am not involved in any of the main religions found in society, or part of any organized activities by/with them.

At no other time have I attached more importance to the ‘be your own teacher’ message than right now.

I like it. 😍

Further reading into the Hierophant’s upside down message revealed this:

Although the journey to rebel and reject the status quo in the name of finding my own way by being my own teacher, I may feel a bit unsettled, worried or concerned. But, the Hierophant suggests that over time, I will learn to trust myself as I continue to tap into my inner knowledge. Regardless whether others will question my sanity or my motivations, I must continue to trust myself that I know what’s best for me.

He is also saying that at this point in time it should have become obvious that I no longer need external approval to succeed. I’m ready and can, if I must, do it alone (although of course if there is support and contribution by non-naysayers, that would be helpful and appreciated).

I typed most of this post while sitting in my mom’s house last week, having left the family to fend for themselves for a few days. This is like going against conventions and, in fact, I have been accused by a well-meaning friend that in her opinion, it felt like I was running away from the challenges at home.

This bothered me for some time but by staying as long as I did without a break, especially while the lockdowns continued for as long as they did (15 months and counting), I realized that I wasn’t listening to my inner voice. My intuition guided me clearly away from the family, not as a way to abandon ship, so to speak, but to give them, us, a break from each other.

Yes, it feels like I’m going through a rebellious teenager phase. I never had that in my teen years, so what if I get to have it during my midlife crisis?

Having said all that, the Hierophant card helped me to see that even if others don’t agree with my methods, I know what’s best both for me, and for the family. My kids are fine, my partner is perfectly capable of managing, and I still fulfill the roles of nurturer by ensuring the fridge is full and meals and snacks are quick and easy to reach for while they work and study. And, I extend offers to support emotionally which continues to be rejected and although I take it personally, I now have the opportunity to listen to my inner voice which keeps repeating: THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOUR FOR TEENAGERS ESPECIALLY IN LOCKDOWN.

Sorry not sorry for yelling. In my defense, I yelled at myself, not you. πŸ˜‰


You no longer need external approval to succeed. You are ready to do it, alone if you must, even if it means going against convention. Trust your inner guidance. Question whether the things around you align with your value. If you’ve been following along on autopilot and feeling tired following the expectations of others, it’s time to break free. Like a rebellious teenager but equipped with life experience and a healthy dose of common sense.

Reminder to myself Β©writerofwordsetc.ca

Follow along my learning tarot card reading here, and check out a few clips on my Tarot Tuesdays YouTube channel.

10 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesdays – the Hierophant V

  1. Interesting. I relate to the idea of be my own teacher which I suppose is the opposite of being a religious follower, the up [traditional?] direction for the Hierophant? So much to learn and ponder when it comes to tarot.


  2. Hell yes!!πŸ™Œ Always, ALWAYS listen to your gut instincts!
    Do NOT listen to the Judgey McJudgeypants! They aren’t living your life, they are not walking your journey.

    What helps me when “religious” stuff comes up or “God”… I just think “spiritual” in whatever way fits. Tarot is a spiritual thing. Psychology can be a spiritual thing.πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    Be your beautiful rebel self! You obviously care very much about your family, and giving everyone space is an act of caring. Better than being a banshee and everyone being upset.πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’ŒπŸ¦‹πŸ§˜πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŒ»

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your personal journey with the tarot is very insightful and helpful for me too. Thank you. I never did like the Heirophant because of its religious nature. Looking at the card from the aspect of the status quo or the way the world is run, doesn’t trigger me quite so much. I like it in the reverse much better too. ❀😍😁

    Liked by 2 people

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