When one is not writing one is blogging

Today I chased a butterfly.

Well, not really chased. I don’t have that much energy within me. πŸ™„

I saw him while sitting out back at my mom’s house. He was flitting around near the big pine trees. Because he was quite large and bright yellow, I could see him well among the dark green pine needles.

He kept doing the same circuit before landing on a similar branch, but not quite the same one as before.

I watched for a while as I waited for both my wet hair and my painted nails to dry, then got up with my phone to capture him with the camera.


He did not like being paparazzied. Ha!

But, I am nothing if not stubborn, so I stayed in my spot near his tree and waited for him to land someplace.

Finally, he did. Not low enough that I could get a good picture of his spread wings which is unfortunate, but I still managed to get him.

He is much brighter yellow than this picture shows

The picture is not great. The sun is really bright today, which gives the image a much lighter hue than what I was looking at. And, this butterfly in the picture doesn’t look particularly big, but mark my words, it was almost as big as my open hand.

Here’s another image:

He was moving so it’s a bit fuzzy

I am so completely not into writing, or really doing anything, I am having a hard time staying motivated. But the butterfly was busy flitting and escaping me so I figured, I should probably mimic him. Ha.

Anyway, he inspired me to get back to my keyboard and pick up my WIPs (Works in Progress). But first, I procrastinated some more by checking the weather.

That’s 96 Fahrenheit. I guess summer has arrived in Toronto mere days after we had snow. Hot hot hot! And not a patio open to sit and enjoy the welcome rays. UGH. #EndThisLockdownNow

But back to my butterfly. He (she?) reminded me of me. I flit here and there just like he (she?) did… I spent a couple of days at my mom’s, drove in to the city to take my daughter to an appointment, made them dinner and then returned to my mom’s for a few more days where motivation and procrastination to GET WRITING are solely lacking. (Blogging is a good starting point, which is why I’m rambling here).

And then, just now…? Across my sister’s bedroom window (where I’m sitting typing this) I see movement in the yard next door. Two pool guys are doing pool guy stuff to the pool. (We don’t have a pool).

Must be nice to have a pool. The neighbours never swim in it… How come it’s always the people who don’t swim who get pools? My kids, my daughter in particular, would spend at least 3/4 of the hot weather in the water. And I would be in much better shape than I am right now if we had a pool…

But then, the argument against the pool is that it would only be open about three months out of the year and costs a lot of money to maintain so…

Never mind.

Ok, off I go to do my thing. Cheers.

29 thoughts on “When one is not writing one is blogging

  1. We’ve got those same hot temps expected here beginning Friday…so at least that means you can probably count on summer hanging around for a while up there.

    Trust me, you don’t want a pool. The maintenance and cost just aren’t worth it. Maybe in Florida or Arizona.

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  2. As one person already said, you are always cool, pool or no pool. I love when butterflies and dragonflies land on me. Once after I finished mowing the lawn and sat down in a lawn chair on the freshly cut lawn, about 50 dragonflies landed on me. Must have thought I was a good perch to scout out newly disturbed insects for lunch. It was awesome and only wish there was someone around that could have got a photo for me.
    Loved reading your post today. Thank you for the pictures of your huge yellow butterfly.

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      1. I just looked up what the dragonfly symbolizes:
        change, transformation, adaptability and self-realization, mental and emotional maturity and understanding the deeper meanings of life. Sounds about right

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  3. Butterflies are so special to me. It seems when I’m searching for peace one ALWAYS appears flitting around me; and usually yellow. I think your pics are great. I’m glad things are warming up and I wish you had a pool too. I get it. I’ve been basking in the weekend of my sons coming home for the first time in 2 1/2 years with the babies (Air Force keeps them in Alaska and Washington State). I have so many WIPS and like you, at times, I just don’t feel the motivation. But hey, writing this blog was motivation! Way to go! Stay cool. Well,….you’re already cool. πŸ˜ŽπŸ€πŸ€—

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