Moving, summer and other (un)important tidbits

Yesterday I announced to my mom that I will be moving in again. Not full-time, but things at home have once again stabilized, and we need a break from each other.

Quite honestly, I think some time apart might be good for all of us.

Note: I’m not running away (yet). πŸ˜› But I need my office hours back, and I’ve been looking for work.

Some of you know I’ve lived with my mom before, traveling back and forth between her place and my house. Those days were treated as both a calm-down from emotional or mental stress and as office hours – time away periodically gave me opportunities to finish and publish my book, among other things.

Breaking news…

Vaccinations are being offered to the 12-17 year olds now, which means the kids will finally have opportunities again to get out of the house more. There appears to be a light at the end of this very long, tedious lockdown tunnel.

In other news…

It’s suddenly summer here; funny how this happens so quickly in my part of Canada. Just two weeks ago I was still wearing my winter coat when I walked Tucker! Yesterday, after a string of many hot and sunny days, I suggested we turn on the a/c because the temperature inside the main part of the house (not the basement) reached 27Β° C. That’s over 80Β° F. By late afternoon it climbed further… Ugh. β˜€οΈπŸŒžπŸ”†πŸ˜Ž

Outdoor blogging

This is where I sat and talked-to-texted this post this morning. Never mind Tucker stealing the blanket I used to cushion my butt…πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ

Little Beagle thief.
Finally he settled…

As the temperature in the house climbed and I resisted turning on the a/c until this weekend, I dug out two fans from the attic (and had multiple conniptions about all the crap that’s stored up there). I placed them strategically around certain parts of the house to help move the stagnant, hot air.


This completely freaked Tucker out. I don’t know if he’s never seen fans before or what (he’s almost 11 months) but he was totally unimpressed and quite scared. My daughter and I tried to get him accustomed by bribing him with treats and encouraging him to sit with us nearby but he was having none of it.

In the end, we left him alone and by lunchtime on Saturday, I had to turn the a/c on anyway – it was getting unbearable. Besides, a/c is nice, especially for sleeping… πŸ˜΄πŸ›ŒπŸ’€

Wanna know something else?

None of my summer capris fit. Ugh!

I have been wearing black jeans most of the colder months, which are the same size as the capris, but for some reason, the summer pants shrunk. πŸ˜› I am not happy.

I’ve been wearing dresses, and active wear instead.

But, with the province slowly opening up, it might be nice to have a wardrobe again, so perhaps, I need to do some shopping… maybe online first until the reopening madness with crowds has subsided somewhat…

And with that thought, I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

12 thoughts on “Moving, summer and other (un)important tidbits

  1. It is always good to have a retreat. Until my aunt sold her home in Westhampton, that used to be my mom and my retreat decades ago. I only wish I sometimes had a spare home to escape to and write but I have an extra room or two which is my she shed.

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  2. I like your outside writing spot. Even with Tucker being a bother. As for putting on your capris for the first time this year, right there with you. It’s never a good moment.

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  3. My husband and I fight over the timing of a/c installation every year. I’m ready for them now (everything above 70 makes me sweat) but he’s of an age where he feels the chill. One of us is always unhappy temperature wise.

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  4. Nevermind that sizes vary by manufacturer, I have shorts ranging from size 10 to size 18. Both extremes were very rarely used. WERE…past tense. If I don’t stop being the incredible shrinking woman soon, I’m gonna need to do the dreaded shopping thing too. ☹
    Elastic waists are wonderful!!

    Have fun at Mom’s! I’m totally envious! 😘


  5. We’re in that transitory season now. Had the A/C on Thursday and the heat on Friday. Today, we’re under a Tornado Watch. If you don’t hear from me again, hit up the Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, or Tin Man for my whereabouts.


  6. It’s always a love/hate thing when you finally get to pull out and put on the summer pants, only to find they grew a bit smaller over the winter. I can never understand how that happens πŸ˜‰

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