Watch “Tarot Supplement – Major Arcana cards the Emperor and the Devil” on YouTube

I recorded this a day ago and will post the supplemental write-up, the analysis of the cards mentioned, on the blog later.

Read about the Emperor and the Devil cards here.

All tarot related posts are published in order here.

5 thoughts on “Watch “Tarot Supplement – Major Arcana cards the Emperor and the Devil” on YouTube

    1. I spent about 2 days on and off researching the first two cards. When I got to the Hierophant, the first thing that jumped out at me was the religious, traditional connection.

      I ended up contemplating its meaning but got overwhelmed and confused…I think it requires its own interpretation. I need time to dig deeper with that one.

      Also I don’t want to make the posts too wordy…😉

      Did you notice I only scratch the surface with my posts? I actually have much more in-depth analysis available but didn’t think it was prudent to share with the internet. Since my cards pertain to my situation I figured it gives other novices a taste of the possibilities by doing it this way – sharing what I see but allowing for their own interpretation.

      King Ben’s Grandma sees all sorts of symbolism, check out her comments.

      I don’t know, I’m just taking it one step at a time.

      Thanks, though. I will look deeper into that card another time, especially if I draw it again.

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