Tarot Supplement – elements fire, earth, water and air

I touched on the Minor Arcana cards previously, but found myself intrigued by the many messages they convey whenever they appear in my daily selections. So I thought I would give a little bit of insights into these court cards in today’s Tarot Supplement.

There is much to know about these Minor Arcana court cards, including the fact that each suit is represented by an element.

Note: when I watch tarot readings online, I am always impressed by the vast knowledge the readers possess in terms of the many elemental and symbolic interpretations. In contrast, I am at the beginning of my tarot journey and I can’t even remember to which suit the element fire belongs to. 🙄

To help me (and you) with this problem, I designed a little chart.

Elements in the court cards

So what do these elements mean? And why are they important to the tarot court cards?


Elements are associated with each suit in the Minor Arcana. They lend a specific energy to each of the four suits in the court cards, represented by earth, air, water or fire.

Disclaimer: The following is not a comprehensive list, this is just a short introduction to help us gain knowledge in how to read and interpret tarot cards and how to unlock deeper meaning into daily life experiences and occurrences.

Element Earth (pentacles)

Think of earth as our physical world, the structural foundation, and environmental resources. The earth grows and nurtures which represents fertility. It is often associated with money or material possessions. As a result it may also point toward ego and self-esteem.

Element Air (swords)

Think of air as the intellectual part of our being, the thoughts in our heads, our consciousness in our minds. It is connected to our mental state, and associated with knowledge, attitudes and beliefs.

Element Water (cups)

Think of water as fluid which reminds of feelings and emotions. When you draw cup cards, there is often an association with relationships, healing, connections, intuition, loss and spirituality. It has a distinct feminine feel.

Element Fire (wands)

Think of fire as energy. Fire is energetic and unpredictable. It is often associated with passion and sexuality. There is a primal energy in fire which points to creativity, ambition, willpower, drive. Fire has a masculine feel.

Practicing elements in my cards today

I think once we learn the function of the elements we’ll have a more heightened awareness toward the cards and their meanings. To test this I referred to two of the Minor Arcana cards I pulled today (both reversed – the other card was a Major Arcana). They were the Two of Cups and the Seven of Swords. So, let’s practice.

Two of Cups reversed

Cups represent water, which is about emotions, intuition, relationships, that sort of thing. In its reversed position it can point to self-love (which I’m sorely lacking these days), disharmony, distrust, break-up.

Personal interpretation:

I took this card to mean I should focus on self-love, self-acceptance and self-respect. As a result it should/will lead to more fulfilling relationships with others. So, begin with me, and the others will follow.

Seven of Swords reversed

Swords represent air, which is about thoughts inside my head, communication of ideas, making decisions, that sort of thing. In its reversed position it can point to self-doubt, or tricking myself into believing something is true when I know it isn’t. There may be stress, tension or guilt.

I took this card to mean I should come clean, tackle my issues head on, forgive myself and perhaps even confide in a friend so that I can get rid of the negativity.


I have no idea if I’m doing this right, but the more I read about tarot cards, the more I understand that there is no right or wrong way to interpret. The cards are a tool and designed to help you unlock answers which are already within you – they are not a magic potion that will make everything alright.

As always, thank you for reading. If you have experience or a different viewpoint, please, feel free to contribute. Thank you in advance, and see you in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Tarot Supplement – elements fire, earth, water and air

  1. Interesting that tarot seems to share a lot with astrology as far as the elements go. Also in astrology, when a planet is in retrograde (appears to reverse its orbital direction through the constellations) the focus is turned inward rather than outward.

    Very cool!

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