Spring evening Beagle shenanigans

I took Tucker down to the lake and beaches after dinner on Thursday evening because it has finally warmed up enough to do this sort of thing without a winter coat.

Dinner for me was a beer. I am not a beer drinker in principle but I had a craving and so I drank it while I bbqed some little chops for the family. They also got noodles and broccoli.

Anyway, the point is not dinner, or that I didn’t eat it, but that I took the puppy for a walk.

All went as per standard until we got to the part of the park that sticks out like a panhandle and gives a beautiful view of the Toronto skyline across a bay.

Sorry, I didn’t snap a photo. I’ll redirect you back to the title of this post if you wonder why. 🙄

So we were standing on some big boulders staring out at the lake and skyline. And by standing and staring I mean one of us was standing and staring and the other was sniffing and tugging and wandering and digging and eating crap and sniffing some more.

But it was tolerable. I am experienced with Beagle shenanigans after all. And, neither of us landed in the lake so there’s that. 😛

After a while, we both heard a noise. I turned my head and saw a small speedboat come whipping into the bay and turning around with a huge spraying splash. They were too far away for us to get wet but they did make a big spectacle.


Tucker was completely and totally frozen in shock and awe. He dug his paws into the crevices of the rock we were standing on and wrinkled his forehead until I could barely see his eyes. His floppy ears fell forward and he looked very confused.

I stood and waited. He’s young, right? Ten months old. He’s never seen a speedboat before, nor heard the noise it made.

After a couple of minutes the boat left and that’s when the penny dropped. Tucker realized this was not normal and…

He bolted. Freaked out and just up and bolted.

Lucky for me, I expected it and was able to keep him on leash… 🙄

He was not happy. He started panting and tugging and pulling homeward like his life depended on it.


Every once in a while, I forced him to sit and stay. We’d stand there at the side of the path until his breathing returned to normal, but as soon as we’d start walking again, he started to pant and tug like a maniac.

He was perturbed and clearly afraid.

By the time I got home I thought I had reinjured my neck and shoulder… 😵 I had to tie him around my waist to keep him from winning the tug of war.

We’re home now. I’m sitting outside watching him destroy a plastic planter pot he stole from wherever I left it earlier. See for yourself…the speedboat is long forgotten. 😀

18 thoughts on “Spring evening Beagle shenanigans

  1. Way to leave us hanging! You never did tell us which one of you was standing and staring and which one was sniffing and tugging and wandering and digging and eating crap and sniffing some more.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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  2. Sorry to hear that Tucker was freaked out by the speedboat. Sadly, many of us seem to have these irrational fears of certain things. I. for instance, do not like ladders and Lenny is afraid of people on bicycles. I am sure that with your help he will overcome his fears and continue on his shenanigan filled path.

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      1. Beagle good or human good? As you know there is a significant difference.

        It’s quite strange that Lenny doesn’t like bicycles with panniers on them. Nor does he like walking sticks but I think that is a throwback to his start in life in Cyprus where the stick wasn’t used to aid perambulation, sadly.

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  3. I used to love when my son, who was around two at the time, would discover something new and it just opened up the world. I miss having that sense of new and interesting as an adult. Kudos to you for keeping him on the leash. Glad you didn’t end up drenched.

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  4. I love that face! He’s good at giving the “Yeah I know I’m a brat, but I’m cute” look. It’s good to get a little exposure to the noise. I imagine there’s lots of it in Summer. And WILL be this Summer too (positive thinking, right?!)

    What kind of beer?

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    1. Yes exposure is key, especially if unfamiliar noises are part of it. We have streetcars at the top of our street which we exposed him to right away after adoption last August, so this is just going to be another part of it. 😀

      They refused to lift the boats into the marina this year because of lockdown. (The boats get stored in a yacht club garage over winter). Such idiocy…but they can’t prevent speedboats. Ha.

      Beer was Moosehead.

      And yes I’m typing this at 230 am. Meh.

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