This and that

I had a horrible thought this morning.

What if restrictions won’t be lifted after May 20 in this province?

Then I had another one.

What if the kids don’t return to school at all this school year, which will run to the end of June?

If this happens, they will be stuck here, mostly indoors or at the local park and in our backyard, for the next four months. Unless they decide to do remote/online learning again in the fall. Omg… If this happens I may pull both out and call it a gap year.

Perhaps a full-blown apocalypse is in order. Because this can’t happen. I’m telling you right now, this can’t happen.

It will probably happen though. I’m not being a negative Nelly, I’m telling you, these governments in this country are causing more problems than they solve.

Two days ago, the provincial government decided to throw some money at us. $400 per kid up to 18. For us, that’s $800 we can use toward electronics, headphones and other odds and ends that will keep them plugged in for the foreseeable future.

The money will help many people. I will probably use some of it to buy food because everyone is always here and always eating.

Note: this is not free money. It will be taxed. Isn’t it always taxed?

Such madness.


I wrote up a few posts for Tarot Tuesdays and then stored them in my draft folder. I have enough fodder to send out for the next few Tuesdays, but boy oh boy do they read convoluted when I tap back into them to reread what I wrote in the past few days.

So that at least will keep me busy.

In terms of writing, I’m not. I have lost my oompf. This is not unusual, I go through periods of needing to stop and ponder, but I kind of miss it. I like making my characters come to life. I get to live life through them (since I don’t have a life).

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it up though. In order for my stories to sound plausible and entertaining, I need some fresh ideas. And these ideas come from leaving the house and living life, experiencing things. This is not happening here. So that’s a major challenge I’m faced with.


Speaking of food, it’s 10:25 and I haven’t had breakfast. I should go eat something protein-y, and then make some lunch for the school people in this house.

There has been a shift in their eating habits. They seem to want what’s easy and not made by them. It’s hard, motivating depressed kids to help out in the kitchen. I’m not up for the battles, so I just do it myself.

Good thing I enjoy cooking.

But today, I don’t feel like it. I did buy a fresh baguette yesterday, so I’ll just make some quick sandwiches for everyone and then maybe I’ll head to the garden center that popped up on a grocery story parking lot and see if I can buy a few colourful flowers. This may cheer me up.

Of course, they will have to be planted in balcony planters along the railing because PUPPY. Mr. Tucker is now 10 months old and I am unable to plant any cool weather salad seeds in the little raised beds at the back of the yard because he sniffs and digs and buries stuff while trampling on my seedlings. So we ordered some chicken wire for a fence which is in stock but curbside pickup is delayed and we have to wait until tomorrow.

I put up a make-shift fence which interested the lunatic puppy very much and which subsequently took him 20 seconds to break down. ARGH!

Trying to keep puppy out
HOW did he get in there?

When he heard me screech he tried to escape but couldn’t find the exit (there is no exit) so he got caught in the netting which made him look like a bug caught in a spiderweb…


I lifted him out and calmed him down. I figured, at least now he knows not to go in there.



Ya, no. He has a short attention span what with his brain resembling a walnut… 😉

So anyway, I may still go to the garden center and get some flowers. Whatever happens, happens.

24 thoughts on “This and that

  1. I feel you. But unfortunately when a beagle wants to dig… he’s going to dig and I doubt anything short of a concrete wall will keep him out. I lost count of how many garden beds ours ruined. It’s a damn good thing they’re cute!

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  2. Loved reading your post today. I can relate. I think we all can relate. I can’t go out to shop for groceries now while in quarantine, so will have to order on line. That will be a new experience and one that I don’t like particularly. I like to see what I am buying and handle it myself. Anyway, I know we won’t starve over here. God bless Tucker. I think Gibson would be the same way with digging up the vegetable garden if we had one. Only planters on the balcony and can’t grow much. Sending you lots of love and many hugs.

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  3. Whoo back on wordpress. I think you nailed it pretty good with this post. The kid is eating a lot more- our budget for food has increased. I hope for a May 20 opening but even with the vaccines in place the variants might reset everything back to start. I also feel you on the writing. OH BOY do I feel you on that. How can I sit down at the computer when the loud call of “MOM” is coming from downstairs? When there are so many responsibilities on your shoulders. At the end of the day you’re too exhausted to do more then vaguely recall you’re a writer. I do hope you continue to write. I miss your stories.

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  4. How did Tucker get in behind the chicken wire? He beagled his way in there. Maybe it wasn’t tall enough as, don’t forget, we have a prodigious spring in our paws. I suspect he was only trying to help by digging holes for plants. That the holes were in the wrong place is a side issue which is of little or no interest to us.

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      1. Ugh, rhubarb? Horrible stuff that we cannot eat. Get him closer to the carrots and he’ll be fine. We have the wonderful ability to beagle ourselves into most places. You need eyes in the back of your head.

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  5. I can’t help but think a little bit like you about what if we never get enough people fully vaccinated to allow us all to go back to living safe lives that are more interactive. Does that make me a Negative Nellie?


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