Launching: Tarot Tuesdays

Let me begin by saying that a few short weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about tarot cards.

I admit I sometimes read mass-produced horoscopes from newspapers or online. I’m a Libra. Occasionally I read the Chinese horoscopes too; I’m an Earth Monkey. We are currently in the year of the Ox which began on February 12, 2021.

As far as tarots are concerned though, I didn’t really know anything about the cards, the practice, or the history. I didn’t even know what the cards looked like.

One day someone sent me a link of this guy who does tarot readings online (youtube). He was referencing my zodiac sign. As he shuffled the cards and read their meanings, I was astounded at how familiar some of his interpretations sounded to my current circumstances.

He peaked my interest even though I didn’t understand how any of this can happen.

I really was completely clueless about tarot cards, and, if I’m being honest here, a little afraid. I had always assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that reading tarot cards meant someone, or something, was going to reveal things about my future.

So this is where my journey into tarot card reading began. I asked myself these questions:

Do I believe that someone, or something, has the power to foretell things about my future?

And, am I the kind of person who can handle hearing what they say?

To answer these questions, the first thing I did was consult the internet. I discovered almost immediately tarot cards do not reveal my future or predict what happens next. Tarot cards do not hold some hidden mystique or magical power.

I found this explanation by Kathleen Olmstead quite apt:

Despite what you might have heard, the tarot will not reveal your future. / Tarot helps you cut through the excess to find what is important. / Tarot is a guide to finding the answers that are already inside you. It provides insight and clarity into the world around you.

source: Kathleen Olmstead, author of A Beginners Guide to TAROT

One of the best explanations I have come across is made by Brigit Esselmont whose website appeals to me on several fronts. She said:

The most powerful way to read the Tarot is to use the cards to access your intuition and your inner wisdom. 

source: Brigit Esselmont,

Note: I use several websites and books as I travel through this journey of discovery. I have already dropped some websites and books which didn’t speak to me or lined up with my own world view, and I’ve added new sources as well. I’ve been reading and comparing notes, bookmarking what works for me, and deleting what doesn’t.

I usually know within a few minutes if a new subject will capture and retain my interest. I have learned a number of important things on this tarot card journey already and it’s only been nine days. My interest continues to evolve.

However, right from the get-go, I got a little confused. I struggled with how to begin. I wanted to learn things from its inception, and grow my knowledge and depth of understanding slowly. By taking my time, I gave myself permission to quit at any time if things started to sound a little outrageous. I am, after all, neither a religious, nor a particularly spiritual person. Or so thought.


I think I would like to share my experience here on these pages and make it a regular series. As I mentioned previously, Tarot Tuesdays are going to allow me to share my discoveries and hopefully will entice some of you to contribute to the discussion as well. Many of you have said you’d like to hear more about tarot cards, so let’s do it!

Here are a few snippets of what’s happened in the past nine days, just to whet your appetite:


Because I didn’t know how, or where, to start, and I didn’t have a deck of cards, I simply used an online site that let me shuffle with a click of my mouse. There is an insurmountable amount of information online which can easily become overwhelming; I just picked a couple of sites and told myself I’m in a the learning phase, I can change at any time.

Next I browsed tarot card decks at various online stores and discovered two things:

  • there are many types of varying artistic interpretations
  • tradition suggests you do not buy your own deck, but rather, should be gifted one

I happen to know a person who is well-versed in this subject matter. Summerhill Lane is a local blogger in my city and we follow each other; she was the perfect person to ask about tarot cards. Long story short, she gifted me a deck of cards. ❀

Card reading and learning their meanings

I began my journey into tarot card reading before my gifted deck of cards arrived, so I started online.

Each morning, I chose three cards and learned their meanings by reading various sources.

I analyzed (with help from the first website where I chose my cards) each card’s design, symbols and general appearance.

To deepen my understanding, I read additional in-depth descriptions at other websites, and sometimes in books. This allowed me to compare my sources. Did they convey similar messages? This was crucial for me as I would only attribute credibility if the underlying traditional practice was maintained. Too much on the internet is fluff – I wanted to see if the more reputable sites prevailed some commonalities. (They did.)

Next, I made notes about the cards’ meaning by noting their symbolism, design and position (cards can be upright or reversed).

Finally, I connected the cards symbolism to my current life situation and summarized the meaning as it pertained to me. I will describe my experiences in more detail in the coming Tarot Tuesdays.

After nine days, I began to form a repertoire of knowledge. I started to notice patterns, symbols and their meanings. Many are based on age-old traditions dating back to mythological times. These and other influences from the cards imagery guided me toward an awakened, more lucid subconscious. Even in this short amount of time, I have learned to tune into my intuitive emotions and to think with more clarity.

I think I will enjoy learning more about tarots.

What do you think? Would you be happy to read about my experience with my journey?

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57 thoughts on “Launching: Tarot Tuesdays

  1. Great post thank you ! I just started my tarot reading journey about 6 months ago as well. I fell in love immediately. ❀️ Good luck to you on your new journey!

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  2. Ok I have to comment because I love stuff like this. I have cards but I put no stock in them really, however I do love to do a twelve month spread every year. Just to take a peek at the journey. I never wrote it down before but I might and compare what happens just for fun. I also- when I’m feeling indecisive- jump on over to just to see what could possibly open up for me. Or at least confront some things on my mind. I take the cards in a light heart way. Have fun with this.

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    1. Yes, there is a negative aspect to tarots, I have read about this (and heard about this) before. Which is partly the reason why I never went along with some of my friends in youth when they went to have their ‘fortunes told’ – now I know different and I’m enjoying the experience, which so far has been positive.

      Glad to have you along, Matt. πŸ™‚

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      1. better to read than experience..for some reason I had a lot of ghostly experiences in my 20’s and 30’s. In regards to Tarot I had a friend that read and she asked me to read for her, as soon as I began there was a dark figure looming over head, I said I wasn’t interested. Really freaked me out.

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    1. Oh, sounds like you have an interesting deck of cards!

      Start by shuffling them, and pick one card. Then look up the description online. The interpretation is up to you. πŸ™‚

      I started with 3 cards a day for the first week. I am only doing 1 card right now.


  3. Fun! I might’ve mentioned that there’s a tarot scene in my sequel to Mayhem. I’ve never had a reading done and no one in Tallahassee is doing them now. How did you find your online guy?

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  4. I’m from a family that dabbles. My grandmother was an astrologer, and a psychic. My mother dabbles in astrology–enough to interfere with one’s calendar (“Oh no, don’t go that day, it’s a fixed sign!) As teenagers, my sister and I learned and read Tarot cards. It was a romp. Later, I switched to a more modern system, based on Egyptian symbols and Jungian psychology (Cartouche). Whenever we get together we pull out the cards, not so much to tell the futures as for entertainment. And even then…there are readings that are dead on–enough to get your attention. The thing of it is, we are all of us, attentive and intuitive. The various methods of divining provide a structure and a focus–enough to get away from “our stuff” and see patterns elsewhere. Enjoy!

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      1. I had my cards read many years ago, when I had quit one job and was waiting to hear about an interview with another one. The lady said I would be good at selling real estate? I remember her spreading the cards out on the table and found it quite interesting though. I did get the job, but it was in a hospital! The other thing she said was that I was an introvert… secret there.

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  5. Love to know how this progresses and what insights you discover. I love the history behind this sort of thing as well so extra info there would be great if you want to include it πŸ™‚

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  6. It’s a subject that’s long fascinated me, but I knew I’d need to do what you’re doing (learn about it properly) and I’m juggling too many other plates for that, so I am so in for the ride with you.

    PS: followed you over here from LA & Ally πŸ™‚

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      1. I bet… I’m wondering just how much academic information is necessary (the internet is a very deep rabbit hole). I’m dabbling in both gaining knowledge from the practical/historical sources as well as just looking at the cards and applying whatever elementary information I already have.

        Either way, as you say, it is quite addictive. I long to know more! πŸ™‚

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      2. I started it before the internet, but still, as you say, there is a rabbit hole of information. To me, the tarot are images representing the journey of life – their are major life passages and the minor, supporting roles. Not unlike dream images, they gain effectiveness through personal interpretation. What may be good for one, can be a challenge for another. I advise keeping a journal and starting with just a few cards a day, so that you can start to draw your own associations.

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      3. Yes this is sort of but I have discovered too so far, a journey through life. A particularly like how I’m learning to be more intuitive and to really listen to myself. I’ve been logging my experiences and perspectives as I’m learning. I’ll try to write up some coherent blog posts about it all.

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  7. Oh you KNOW I want to read about all that you learn about Tarot in general and yourself in particular. I like the idea that the cards help you find what is important to you. I didn’t know that some people think Tarot cards are predictive, I always thought they were a way to tap into your subconscious. To learn more about the possibilities in your life. To be more aware, less cloudy about who you are.

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