Finally, a sliver of light on the horizon?

I have a bruise on my head but I also have an appointment for a vaccine. 🎉🎊

I kept checking the link my doctor sent via email, and the provincial one from my region that identified where the hot zones are, neither of which showed availability.

Then I went on social media and clicked a link from one of the politicians.


Finally I saw a message by the mayor with a link. I clicked it and was directed to a site that looked completely different from all the others I went to before. It also asked me for information I wasn’t asked for previously, like my health card number

The other sites said to bring the card; this site had me enter it into the booking screen.


I held my breath when the calendar came up. All the dates in April were grey (filled), so I went to May.

And lo, on Sunday May 9 at noon I can go to the old Target at a mall 15 minutes from my house.

Happy Mother’s Day to me. 🙂

The second appointment is scheduled 16 weeks later as is standard here, in late August.

Now all we have to do is survive this third (fourth?) lockdown with all of our mental and emotional faculties intact. It’s not going well. The mental health toll is severe…and I can’t even focus on my own issues because the kids are struggling.

They refuse to go outside other than to walk the dog occasionally, and one kid won’t even do that. It’s heartbreaking.

My son’s buddies just started cycling with each other when they restricted us again, including outdoor activities with non-household people… I fail to see how this is endangering them, or anyone. They’re outside, distanced, getting exercise and socializing, and bringing masks to wear when they take a break. Sigh. My son hasn’t asked to practice driving anymore, either. Nothing excites anymore.

This shitshow can’t be over soon enough. Or at least the way it’s being managed around here.

But at least both of us parents will be vaccinated (if supplies continue to be available). I don’t mean to sound unenthusiastic, but it’s hard to give blind trust after a year of mismanagement and lack of common sense.

May 9 can’t come soon enough. 😷

So…I am cautiously optimistic without excessive joy and jubilation. They disappointed us before; let’s hope they won’t do it again. And let’s hope the vaccine production will continue to be manufactured, and shipped.

Good morning Sunday! The bruise on my head is from a minor accident yesterday and I’m nursing a headache, but other than that… things might be looking up.

24 thoughts on “Finally, a sliver of light on the horizon?

  1. That’s great news that you have an appointment.

    Things are progressing over here, but I’m still not expecting to hear anything before June.


  2. Glad to hear you got your appointment.
    It’s definitely something to look forward too, right? Although, knowing what province you’re in, I fully understand the hesitancy. Hearing the toll it’s taking on your kids is heartbreaking.
    Here’s to finding the light at the end of this tunnel sooner than fucking later. I ain’t go no more patience for stupid premier’s who fuck up everything and stupid people seemingly hellbent on dragging this out!

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  3. Yay!🥳💃🏼🎶 Happy Mother’s Day indeed. I agree with you that they wouldn’t be booking the appointments if they didn’t have the supply. And with the US re-approving the J&J, there’ll be even more vaccine avail soon, so maybe you won’t have to wait so long for the 2nd one.

    This is exciting! I hope they are prioritizing the teachers, and school staff. Kids really do need to be in school. It’s such a huge part of their lives. Safety first, of course, but stagger them, hybrid, SOMETHING!

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      1. Dude! I know this feeling in my soul. Ben was gone a total of like 15 or 16 days out of close to 400. It’s a miracle we aren’t all running naked down the street… wild eyed, and babbling incoherently.🤪
        You’ve only got 2 weeks til you get poked… hang on to that😘

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      2. Well nothing will change after my first shot since lockdown continues until at least May 20. But it’s a start, to get as many people inoculated as possible. Than you for your comment. I look to California and how they managed to emerge, we’ll do the same, eventually.

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  4. Congratulations! My fingers and toes will be crossed that there’s no glitch as May 9th approaches, but wow- waiting until August for #2! I read through your comment to Rivergirl on rule-bending. While acceptable I suppose, they do want to push stress levels don’t they.

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    1. It is what it is. I actually hate to admit that I have lost credibility in both Dr. Tam and Dr. Williams (fed and provincial) and there are trust issues that will have long lasting effects due to their mismanagement of the entire situation.

      But I’m booked. I’m right now leaning toward believing that there are vaccines set aside for that day for those who are booked for that day.

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  5. I have to wonder if the lack of available vaccine is because the US is sucking-up all the supply. We have a number of walk-in clinics popping up now in the Detroit area, trying to entice more people to get vaccinated. Personally, I’d rather give it to interested Canadians than skeptical Americans. After all, Metro Detroit’s public health is inextricably linked to Ontario’s because of the commercial traffic.

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    1. I really couldn’t tell you although I do know the provincial premier went above the feds to get more vaccines into his province because he got tired of waiting. I assume he’s in contact with the US in some form…

      There is no J&J here, lots of AZ which I understand came from Biden, and the dwindling Pfizer and Moderna. Although I think they replenished the Pfizer supply now…

      Thank you for thinking of us. ❤

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  6. Glad to hear you finally got an appointment, sorry it’s taken so long. I just got my second dose and am grateful things are moving quickly here. Our state is small but we’re number one in the US for highest amount of population vaccinated. You must have different shots up there though, we do 3 weeks in between not 16.

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    1. Pfizer, Moderna and the Oxford AZ. They just bent the rules to get as many people vaccinated with the first shot as quickly as possible. And we are the traditional good little sheep and follow along because one shot of inoculation is better than no shot of inoculation.

      I just want the kids back into school and activities. If they send the teachers and coaches back after the first shot then I’m going to follow along.

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      1. Wow. I got the Pfizer and the second dose should be 3 weeks after the first. Bending the rules doesn’t sit well with me… so sorry. And of course, I understand. If I were you I’d the same. It’s just crazy that this country has extra supply and you have to stagger doses. Christ, last week my little town had an abundance of shots and was begging people to come take them.

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      2. It’s maddening and we’re all helpless watching the chaos unfold. But, the vaccine is booked. Let’s hope it happens.

        Frankly the borders are so fluid between our two countries anyway, I don’t see why we can’t just get the vaccines distributed where they are needed especially if there’s a surplus and be done with it. Eric in Michigan said the same.

        But, May 9. That’s what I’m holding on to. My partner was done Fri (first shot) and he’s fine (so far). No effects. He got the Pfizer.

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      3. I agree. Maine and Canada trade everything else, why not this? Most people have no side effects but a sore arm from the first shot, it’s the second that packs a punch. Ask me, I know. But that’s taking it 3 weeks apart, I don’t know about 16.

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