Silly fun

I wrote a crappy post yesterday which I revised seven times and then didn’t publish.

I wrote a much better, more introspective post today and…I’m not happy with it. Yet. Maybe I’ll revisit tomorrow.

So for today, here are a few silly snippets that made me smile and lol lately.


This woman is my hero. I may not be her age, but close enough. And, I have such a list too, albeit a mental one. Perhaps I need to print it and post it to the wall to remind myself what I’m capable of despite politicians locking us up and throwing away the key every few weeks… ❤️❤️❤️


Truth. Although drinking has its own issues… 🙄


This, too. I miss my shoes, my boots, anything not deemed loungeware… 😥👠😟


What do you think of this woman? She seems unencumbered and free in her frolicking state… 🥰


And this? This is a stupid title for a book. 😂

22 thoughts on “Silly fun

  1. I’m 53 but I refuse to “grow up” I’m waiting for the playground to open so I can use the swings

    I’m with Ashley, too many jiggly bits. My girls were ginormous, then I fed two babies and gravity… I sleep in a sports bra so I don’t roll over on my boobs🙄

    No heels. I can barely keep from randomly falling over when I’m barefoot, heels is just asking for injuries

    Beavers and wood… 😂😂 my sense of humor refuses to grow up too

    Just hit publish!!!💌💌

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  2. 1) I think I’m a good 30 years ahead of the curve on being too old for…
    2) I remember watching Maury Povitch back in the day when he was a slightly more civilized version of Jerry Springer. I wonder if he’s still around.
    3) Nothing from the underwire bra section of my underwear drawer has been worn for at least 2 years.
    4) She looks happy, but possibly bosomy enough that one of the girls could fly up and whack her in the face. I have too many jiggly bits for frolicking to be a safe activity.
    5) Who was the jackass that decided to steal the word beaver to use for a woman’s nether regions? I prefer my beavers of the looking for wood variety. Argh, not that wood….

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