Today my writing and concentration are beyond erratic. I keep jumping around, can’t seem to grasp one idea to run with, can’t seem to develop what I’ve already started, can’t seem to focus…so I decided to jot down the things that entered my head and begin a bunch of draft folders. I’ll pick them up another time when my mind is calmer and I’m in a better headspace.

As you may recall, I mentioned previously that I have discovered Tarot cards, and began learning their meanings. Based on the comments, several of you have indicated an interest as well. So, I began today by writing up the bits and pieces of information I have learned so far. My idea is to start a series, perhaps I’ll call it Tarot Tuesdays or something like that, and see where it takes me. So that’s one thing to look forward to. πŸ™‚

I took Tucker for a walk to get out of my head. I wore two pairs of tights and a winter coat. I took him down to the lake and figured out quickly that that was a mistake. It’s much colder on the pebble beach than in relatively sheltered areas of the neighbourhood, among houses and parks and trees. Ugh.

Even the colours remind me more of November than late April.

See for yourself:

Puppy was full of beans, and completely oblivious to the breezy, cold wind. By the time a half hour had passed, I pulled him home because I had enough. Also I had to pee. Ha.

But you can see that the snow from yesterday melted and woke up the green in the grass…give it another two weeks and people will be complaining about the heat! (Not me, I love the heat!)

I did make a stew for dinner tonight, which is bubbling away on my stove. I’m looking forward to having some over arborio rice…the kids will want noodles so I’ll probably make them some of those.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking Tucker with me again to run an errand with my mom in the ‘burbs. It’s not very exciting but it’s more exciting than sitting here writing a post like this which doesn’t inspire or entertain anyone. Not even me. πŸ™„

21 thoughts on “Inattentive

  1. Hey, with the leftover arborio rice, you can whip up a risotto next!

    Our snow didn’t last long here, either. And the grass is greening up nicely. That’s what passes for spring around these parts.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post today very much. I really like your Tuesday Tarot idea. So exciting and excited by this.
    You are doing better than me with your writing because the ideas are flowing and you can at least jot them down for later.
    I am practically comatose.

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    1. I wrote and rewrote a post today and finally deleted it. Today is not a writing say. I am at my mom’s and I fully blame Tucker and his never-ending shenanigans for my lack of focus. If I’m not getting up, mom is. He is keeping us fit!

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      1. Well you did better than me today. Writing and rewriting is still writing. It is all good ❀️❀️

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  3. yeah this was great post, I especially liked seeing the frigid shots of lake Ontario. Cold here in Pa too. I had a twilight zone moment, coworker who lives North of me had snow on his car when I pulled in to the lot. I hate Sprinter.


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