Booking temporarily suspended due to vaccine supply 🇨🇦

19 thoughts on “Booking temporarily suspended due to vaccine supply 🇨🇦

  1. We have something similar here. The vaccine rollout isn’t suspended, but it heavily delayed due to vaccine shortages. They’re hoping to get back up to speed in a coupe of weeks so, fingers crossed… For all of us.

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    1. They’re running out, delayed or vaccines are getting slashed due to production issues.

      I stopped looking at their reasons. I’m at home, I see nobody. Let whatever vaccines that are around go to the essentials. I’ll wait. It’s no longer worth it for me to bother and let myself get agitated. Besides, when they finally get their shit together maybe by summer, I maybe able to just walk to a pharmacy by then. That would be my preference.

      Sven is adorable when he smiles like that. 😘🥰😍

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