Thoughts on a Sunday morning with some puppy diversion

I woke up confused and needed to reach for my phone to verify whether today is a school day or still the weekend. πŸ™„

Not that it matters. School is remote again and you tell me how many kids haven’t yet checked out mentally when they’ve had 27 days of in-person – at an actual school building – academic instruction in the past 13 months….(I made that up, I have no idea how many school days they had but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was less than 27).

So anyway I was lying there rolling around thinking I should get up and at least make them some breakfast. That’s when my phone told me it’s Sunday today.


I need to go grocery shopping again. I really don’t feel like it. Maybe I’ll just bake something instead.

I might take a break from my book writing today and clean or declutter something. There’s snow in the forecast for Wednesday which means I should probably clean up something in the backyard too. Last week we had a warm and sunny day and I spent it raking and tidying up only to notice Tucker dumped the bin with all the debris and dug three new holes. Including one between my two rhubarb plants. 😡

Anyone want a cute but mischievous Beagle?

It wasn’t me. 😡

To pass the time and divert my increasing mental and emotional negativity I started reading a book about tarot card reading. This is such an interesting practice. It doesn’t matter if you believe in occult or divination, reading the ancient historical accounts of how these cards, and their games and practices, came about has been quite fascinating. I even found a site and dealt myself some cards and looked up their meaning. πŸ™‚

I am excited about something, for a change. This is much more intriguing to me than reading a mass-produced horoscope. I’m going to craft a blog post about it another time, to inject something different into this blog.

Meanwhile, in Tucker-land, this is happening:

Why do I need a harness? I hate the harness.
He doesn’t like to be photographed, and he hates being filmed. πŸ˜„
Still not happy…

Poor Tucker. He has a tough life, doesn’t he. πŸ˜‰

He’s off for his morning walk. I’m alone, and I need more coffee. β˜•

36 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Sunday morning with some puppy diversion

  1. Snow? And it’s freakin’ 90Β°F here… that’s 32 everywhere else. Too hot for April. Sigh.
    I read these two words “I’m alone” and was so envious! Even when people are sleeping, I either have a Big Dumb Dog who follows me every step I take, or Sophie Cat is using me for furniture, head butting my phone, licking my hand or sneezing on meπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

    Tucker definitely knows how to give the looksπŸ˜‚ Oooh, tarot… I’ve dabbled in the distant past but never got the hang of it. I’d love a reading. I’ve been trying to learn more about astrology for years. Slowly, ever so slowly I’m making progress.

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    1. Quite a few people on this blog post have commented that they have an interest in tarot.

      I’ve been studying it a little bit. It’s not so much a future telling activity but rather one designed to help you tune into your intuition. All right more about it maybe next week sometime…

      It’s cold. And wet. And snow is coming thanks to South Dakota and Minnesota. Meh.

      April is such a tricky month in Canada in my location. Not only do we get all the seasons this month we sometimes get them in one day…πŸ™„πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚

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    1. I’ve done a bit more reading now and I must admit it fascinates me. I drew some online cards yesterday and today and I’m starting to get the symbolism. πŸ™‚

      Perhaps a blog post is due on that topic soon, for both of us?

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      1. I have jotted down some possibilities. But I’d really like to have a reading done for me to see how it feels. No one in Tallahassee is doing readings right now, though,

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  2. I recently met a Jack Russel who lives with his dad in a yacht in the marina we are visiting. As we were walking back from the laundry last night Jack Russell comes along with his dad looking as happy as a lark. His dad told us how they were returning from a visit to some land based relatives who own a Rottweiler who likes to bury things. Jack Russell must have dug something up, ate it and proceeded to vomit it up in the car on the way home! He was completely unrepentant.

    We declined the invitation to have said dog visit us for the night despite his cuteness

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  3. I’m with Tucker on the harness disdain. It’s not like we would run away, mess about and ignore polite requests to return to our parent, is it? The bin is always full of intriguing things so we will be attracted to it.

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      1. Disgusting scents? We will have to disagree as to whether the contents of the bin are disgusting or fragrant. All I know is there are some tasty smells coming from the bin and they need investigating.

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      1. our cat has prevented me from getting a full night’s sleep for about a month now, he pushed my buttons so bad I was tempted to take a drive or sleep in my car, which would’ve been a bad idea for either. I literally had an emotional breakdown. I love my cat but he’s makes me hate him on the daily.

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