Some observations

Yesterday I had to take a kid to an appointment which was in a converted house. The house, a two story with full basement older home, was turned into a business place. It was decorated and furnished to the type of taste I have and desire…minimalist, clutter-less and bright. Wood trim in places, dark tile, hardwood floors, lots of natural light streaming in from many windows…just lovely.

It being covid, and Toronto area being in a dangerous third wave surge, the idea of having in-person appointments is mostly rejected by most professionals. However, some places are still doing it. So, I want to share a little about what I saw in terms of how they are navigating around this difficult virus that has everyone locked down and afraid. (The UK variant has the province’s ICUs either at, or almost at capacity at the moment – they’re accepting adults into the Children’s hospitals ICUs and looking for out-of-province nurses to come to Ontario to help us out…)

First thing we saw when we arrived at the front door was a little table with a small box of disposable masks, and a bottle of sanitizer. There were two benches under the covered porch where you could sit. The door had the usual covid warning signage and was locked.

We sanitized and rang the bell.

A masked lady opened the door and let us in. There were steep wooden stairs leading upstairs, a narrow hallway with wooden floors and trim leading to a kitchen, and a few doors here and there leading to rooms. The kitchen was open and narrow without cupboards on the walls (just some open shelves). I could see a coffee maker, a kettle, some cups on a shelf, a first aid kit, and some sanitation products and cleaning materials. The walls were a neutral white.

At the back was a little room designated as a waiting room. It was next to a glass door that led to a backyard.

There were three leather chairs in that room. On the wall was a gorgeous painting which I took a picture of.

Side note: when I was younger I drew houses like this, but usually in a night time backdrop with lights shining out of some of the windows. 🙂

The chairs were situated apart from each other, and in the center of the floor I saw this:

I found out later that every room where there was seating furniture, this air purifier was quietly humming along. Additionally, they had left all the windows open, which is doable now that we’re in spring temperatures. (It was raining and cool, but not cold enough to keep the windows shut.)

I also noticed that each room had two white-painted doors: one opened outward, and one inward. I thought that was interesting. (Rooms were used for private conversations.)

Later, when we went upstairs into a room, we noticed a comfortable loveseat and two arm chairs arranged in a semi circle. The room was quite small but still allowed at least two meters distance between each person seated on the furniture. A very narrow table with a laptop was placed under the open window, and a side table with a lap also featured the standard bottle of sanitation, a kleenex box, and some sanitation wipes.

Here’s the thing about the furniture. Each seat was covered in a white fitted sheet.

Earlier, while we were in the waiting room, I told my daughter I had to go to the bathroom so I went downstairs to the basement. There was a long cabinet full of white sheets….and two heavy duty washer and dryers washing and drying these sheets. I remembered thinking, there are not beds in this house, why all the sheets?

It’s to cover the furniture. Each time clients leave, the sheets get removed and washed, and fresh ones go on the furniture for the next clients.

Next thought that popped into my head was: wow, I hope they get reimbursed or subsidized payments from the government. This is an essential service providing care for people who need it and in order to make it happen in person, they have to keep themselves and their clients safe from getting infected by potentially asymptomatic people coming into the house.

Sheets are not cheap, and neither are the air purifiers which will need their HEPA filters changed every so often.


So that was a new experience, and an eye-opening one. I thought I’d share.

Happy Tuesday! Latest update from Toronto lockdown is, after this week’s spring break, all schools in Ontario are to remain remote. Again. But, efforts are underway to get the education workers vaccinated so let’s hope the kids get to go back to school before summer break. There is a real danger here that especially the younger children have already checked out from school, even if/when it comes back. All they really want at this point is to see their friends and socialize.

Thank you for reading.

24 thoughts on “Some observations

  1. Sounds similar to my Primary Doctor. He’s in a house too. It’s been remodeled inside, kitchen removed/converted to office. They have people stay in their cars and call or knock on the back door, and wait to be brought in.

    We had the variants right after the Winter Holidays and the ICUs were full and they were converting other wards of hospitals into COVID wards. Daughter said that one night there was not a single bed in the hospital available. Paramedics weren’t transporting people, there was no room for them.

    I hope it doesn’t get that bad for you guys. That was just as the vaccine was being released. Daughter worked COVID before she was vaccinated.

    We are opening back up. Slowly. I still see lots of people with masks, but when the tourists start coming in… we’ll see how it goes.🤷🏼‍♀️

    If EVERYONE followed the rules, we would have a better chance of getting to our “new normal”🤦🏼‍♀️

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    1. I know Cali was bad, and how much you guys suffered. I follow a cougar who is on an online dating adventure and she wrote some heartbreaking stories, how it affected single people during lockdown.

      Well I hope we’re getting those vaccines into people’s arms. It’s the only thing we are counting on now.

      Thank you for your comment. ❤

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    1. Mine too. They just now closed again but didn’t have to this time – they’re a little bit worried now because of the variants. But, up until last month I was able to go and they were very diligent as well.

      I heard BC had an uptick again…both my brother and sister live out there.

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  2. What a great effort by the office you visited. Definitely an added expense. Though they clearly are consciously caring for the well-being of others. If only we all behaved this way, we’d be living in a very different world. An encouraging post. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. It is the general hope for those of us who have a similar mind set that more people would adhere to these measures of common sense…we could have a much more interesting life it that were the case.

      Thank you for reading. I shudder to know how the Canadian Niagara tourist season will fare this summer. So heartbreaking.

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      1. It will be more months of difficulty for our many businesses, wineries, restaurants, tourist attractions. Though I’m hoping this summer things will improve due to increased vaccinations and hopefully good weather so people can spend time outdoors.

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  3. The old adage better safe than sorry applies here. And while I’m glad to see a business take precautions, the science says transmission of the virus on surfaces is minimal. It’s unmasked, unvaccinated large gatherings of people that’s the more worrying spreader… and some states here are wide open again. Sigh.

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    1. I found the entire experience extremely low risk. But the politicians keep punishing the small business around here (and then open ikea and malls only to shut them again a week or two later…)

      Agreed. It’s the large gatherings. I mean, the Toronto Blue Jays played the Texas Rangers in a live stadium full of spectators – I was both surprised and not surprised…

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