Questions about apps: Reddit

I have a question: who uses Reddit regularly?

I noticed you can sign in with your google account, so I did. I have only dabbled in reddit occasionally in the past half year or so and find it a little…cluttered? Opinionated without much fact-checking? Trendy? Something like that…

I can’t quite describe it accurately.

I don’t know if I’m interested enough in using this app as a go-to source. Should I? Or not?


Reddit describes itself as the front page of the internet.

Wikipedia has a longer, wordier definition and describes reddit as a social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Tell me your views.

Do you like it?

Do you use it?

What for?

And if you don’t like it, why not?

See you in the comments.

34 thoughts on “Questions about apps: Reddit

  1. I love Reddit. I find the range of topics almost infinite, and by and large, the people who post in the different subs are very knowledgeable and witty. It’s a great place to go for entertainment or more in-depth information on virtually anything under the sun.

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  2. I like Reddit. It keeps you ahead of the curve in terms of memes and news. Great platform for discovering new art and music. If you’re into building out your finances, there are plenty of subreddits that give great advice in investing and financial independence. You’ll definitely learn a lot from people. Also, every now and again, a famous and/or interesting person will do an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

    But with the platform becoming more and more popularized, you’ll find ridiculous threads in the comment section stretching on for miles with stupid inside jokes, which can be pretty humorous but also a waste of time. Also it has got a bad rep for the know-it-alls that plague any controversial topic, but you’ll see that there are and equal amount of the tired “Ugh, you’re the reason why Reddit sucks” type comments. But of course, that is anywhere you go in any public space on the internet, so it is hardly unique to just Reddit and more a question of human nature.

    SO all in all, Reddit has something for everyone, and the content is unmatched in how it is delivered. Better than Instagram by a hundred miles!!

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  3. I’ve dabbled and found it useless. Plus they started spamming my email, and you know how much I love that🙄

    I think “the cool kids” use reddit, and I try to stay far, far away from the “Kool kids” and their kool-ade😱

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  4. Coincidently, I just got blogged about getting banned from a sub on Reddit. The straw that broke the camels back? Opining that it was a mandatory thing for someone to overreact when someone posts something you don’t like.

    Reddit may have potential but too many pages aren’t necessarily moderated but are instead curated to achieve the desired theme.

    I started using it a few weeks ago but no desire to go back.

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      1. Apparently the different groups are called SubReddits. Again, I’ve been oblivious to everything about Reddit until a few weeks ago.

        I discovered a couple that were interesting to me but apparently some people don’t appreciate candid questions or conversations.

        A bit disappointing but not altogether unexpected, I guess. Especially since it’s a majority Millenial/Safe Space type of thing.

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  5. I’m surprised to hear they describe themselves as the front page of the internet. It is simply forums on any topic you can imagine.

    You can customize what you see by using the search function and subscribing to forums you’re interested in.

    I subscribe to various forums for dating, investing, whatever series I’m currently watching (The Bachelor/ette, Love is Blind, etc), cast iron restoration, “feel good” photos, life pro tips, shower thoughts, popular memes, paddle boarding, etc.

    It’s a blast! I’ve learned a ton, have commiserated, and have had lots of laughs.

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    1. I understand that the dating aspect and hobbies might be part of what lures people to reddit, and the reason they like communicating there. It’s so dialogue-ish. Thank you Lauren for your input, this is helpful. I may head over there and do a search on some topics of interest, like you mentioned, and see where it takes me. 🙂


  6. It has more opinion than fact, although I’ve used it to find other keywords or links to more scholarly sources. On a whole, it’s mostly people with unsupported opinions. A bit more wild-west than Twitter and about as reliable as a source.

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    1. That’s a great response and similar to what my gut feeling was on this app.

      I do use twitter but the quality there depends on what/who you follow…so it’s more of an entertainment app (for me) with the odd headline that might spur me to go dig deeper elsewhere. Not sure if reddit has that same quality.

      Thank you.

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