If you want my attention…

…then don’t do these two things:

ONE – Begin a sentence with

You must hear this!

*worse if you say it with a perky, squeaky, all-knowing voice that pierces my brain and makes my ears bleed

TWO – Share something on the internet with

Must see!

*if you add a hashtag in front of must see (#mustsee) it makes it worse and I will never, ever look at it no matter how much you think I must

I will turn it off. Delete it. Maybe even block it. These phrases are triggers for me… πŸ™„

Side note: Mark…don’t do it. 😎 (you know who you are)

Want to know what prompted me to write this post?

I just turned on a youtube video of calming background noise to continue with my writing/editing. I found this clip titled “Deep Smoothed Brown Noise + High Focus Isochronic Tones for Studying” which I thought was perfect to get me calmed down and in the mood. Right?

But of course, there’s an ad to suffer through first. The ad counted down 5 seconds before I could skip it, but those 5 seconds triggered me into a rage…omg (lol)

It was an ad about pillows. This irritating perky woman felt the need to educate me on the state of pillows on people’s beds. She said they contain at least a pound of dead skin and that’s what we sleep on. (wtf)

And this plays prior to a video intended to calm and soothe someone?

I hate the internet sometimes.

PS don’t tell me to calm down either or I’ll block you. πŸ˜‚

33 thoughts on “If you want my attention…

  1. I know what ad you are talking about trying to sell pillowcases, yes it is nasty to remind us that we are just losing skin by the second. Ha. ha. I enjoyed your post and the comments that it has inspired. Lots of love. 😍❀

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  2. Is this why Lenny gets kicked off when he tries to sleep on mums pillow. Ok, she is also trying to sleep on it as well, but I do wonder if the mixture of beagle fur and human skin is not a good combination.

    Anyway if you want to destress, go and find Tucker. I am sure he will take your mind off stressful stuff.

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  3. I think the biggest annoyance for me is when you click through to read a news story, and it’s a US site with so much pop up advertising that you can’t actually find the story, so give up and walk away.

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