Lockdown insanity – sorry not sorry

It’s 5:15 pm on Good Friday and I have no plans for making dinner.

I have no plans for making dinner tomorrow either but my mom is feeding us Easter dinner so there’s that to look forward to.

There is nothing else to look forward to in this godforsaken province of endless lockdowns. This time, non-essential retail shall remain open at 15% capacity or something but nothing else. No restaurants. No coffee shops. For all of April.

People keep saying ‘go outside, enjoy nature’ and all that jazz. We’ve been doing nothing else for a year! It’s time to switch it up with something besides walking in the park. UGH.

I’m in a bad mood, can you tell? 😐

I was at my computer all day doing ebook stuff. Then I needed a break and none of the kids were intersted in walking Tucker so I took him.

I took the little beast out for a walk by the lake in brilliant sunshine with a very cold wind blowing off Lake Ontario that had me wearing my winter coat.

Did you know Beagles are stubborn? 😳

Well he picked the wrong hooman to be stubborn with today, let me tell you. He refused to sit when I told him and I out-waited him! Ha! πŸŽŠπŸ˜ˆπŸŽ‰

He finally realized in his little walnut brain that I have all the time in the world (see above, pandemic complaint) and finally pretended to sit without actually sitting. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

So I waited a little longer. πŸ€ͺ

“I got all day buddy,” I told him and held the leashes extra tight. (Yes, I use two leashes on this dude, what?)

Finally, he sat and gave me the side-eye. Beagles are famous for that! lol

So anyway, I managed to keep the stoopid puppy from eating πŸ’© right up until the way back when he managed to get a piece. I pried his jaws apart and made him spit it out and when I did I was sort of kneeling and then tipped over and lost control of the leashes and he jumped at the poop and consumed it anyway. SHEESH! 😡

If he wasn’t so cute I’d have dropped him off already. Anyone want a Beagle?

I’m fine. Everything is fine. He just came up to me to beg me for something tasty to eat (probably).

I sent him away. But not without snapping some pictures of his enduring cuteness.

What else is new?

I fell for a prank, an April fool’s thing. That’s me – Ms. Gullible. πŸ˜‡

The problem was, he wrote about it so convincingly I couldn’t help but believe him. I know him to be a trustworthy guy BUT THAT’S OVER NOW MISTER. I have canceled, deleted AND blocked you! (ha ha) πŸ˜›

Actually, I am over the moon thankful for the community I have here on this blog (pranksters aside πŸ˜‚). If you’re reading these words, and especially if you’re letting me know in some way that you have read here, I thank you.

It’s interesting how this blogging thing has evolved over the years – I was telling LA how I’ve been at it for 16 years and some of the people I met in the first 6 or so stopped blogging because they said it was dead.

I see some of them over on facebook with a small community sharing the same stories with like-minded people over and over again. I lost interest in following along and wonder how they can make the assumption about blogging being dead. It certainly doesn’t feel that way to me! We have engagement, we have community, we have friendships, we have April Fool’s pranks… 😬

Point is, we have this diversity here, a global presence with different perspectives and views, stories to tell that we can either commiserate or relate to…

If it wasn’t for the blog I’d be dead and buried from under-stimulation. 😭

Or, I’d have more books finished. Hah. πŸ“š

What else?

I was supposed to meet up with two people/bloggers this week. One of them was only off work on a rainy, cold day and we both decided it was better to reschedule. The other one I didn’t hear from at all…I hope things are okay. It’s so hard to know these days what is going on with this COVID situation.

Well, it looks like dinner was ordered online so off I go.

Happy Easter weekend! See you in the comments.

35 thoughts on “Lockdown insanity – sorry not sorry

  1. This lockdown certainly is depressing. I’m annoyed that the province has now decided to switch gears and immunize the essential workers like teachers and car plants as priority groups, just when my age group was about to come up! Now I’ll be stuck inside until June….another year wasted.

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    1. What? I have to check this out, haven’t seen any news on this yet. I do know from the children’s schools that are being infected now that the teachers have been anxious to get vaccinations. It’s so unfortunate that they can’t do essential workers and age groups simultaneously isn’t it. I’m very sorry to hear you’re getting bumped.

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      1. Our local health unit website is now taking pre-registration for the teachers, day care workers, border/inspection agents, agricultural workers, a whole list of essential workers, as the next group up, but that might not be the same for Toronto as they have so many more people in the over 70 age group? Is there a TO health unit website you can check? I check the one here daily as they haven’t been very good at communicating through media. I think some of the teachers should be vaccinated first, like the special ed ones and anyone teaching lower grades where they can’t keep masks on. Now some of the TO Doctors are saying they have to target the Amazon/PostOffice/Car Plants etc anyplace where large work groups are working together etc. That may be true, but why didn’t they speak up sooner! So tired of all the flip-flopping. I don’t think I want the Astra vaccine through the pharmacies, assuming you could even get one here, as there are only three who just started, but it would help me make a decision if I knew who much longer my age group would have to wait.

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      2. I’ve been tuning out mostly because of the flip-flopping. I’m annoyed more than anything…


        Mom is mid-70 and in the GTA (a suburb not far from Toronto) and got her first shot (Pfizer) on April 1. Her second however isn’t until July 22 which makes me wonder if it was in vain as there are 16 weeks between the two shots, something I’m not convinced is accurate no matter what the media says.

        Good luck to you Joni. Hang in there. My little bit of unsolicited advice is respect the virus, but don’t let it fear you. You live by the rules and so do I, we’ll be okay. We’re not congregating in crowded malls and the like. ❀

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      3. Thanks Claudette. My main worry is my mother who is 95 now and lives in her own home, although only 3 blocks away from me. I am her only caregiver, but was disallowed from getting my vaccine as an essential caregiver because we don’t share the same address, even though I am there almost every day. But if she was currently in a nursing home, then I would have been eligible as a caregiver/visitor??? Makes sense – no??? She had her first shot March 5 but the second one scheduled for April 10 was just cancelled and will be rebooked in 4 months as soon as they can figure out how to book a single shot on the government website! (It’s not like they haven’t had a year to figure this out – and j&J is only one shot). While a well 70 year old may achieve 80% immunity after one dose and be okay to wait, anyone over 80-85 should be getting the booster on the 3 or 4 week schedule. But I really can’t believe they cut the 90 plus group back too. The nursing homes all got two shots, but now there’s an outbreak of 18 residents sick in one of them (Moderna) so how well does it work in seniors whose immune systems are on the wane? These decisions are being made on no and no common sense. It’s all so frustrating. I don’t know of any other countries who are limiting the shots to 4 month intervals other than Britain, and I don’t know if that included seniors or not.

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  2. Stubborn? Side eye? Eating field food? I have proud ears for Tucker. I think he will make a fine beagle. Beagle brakes are always extremely useful too. I am apparently going to be 11 next month and I still do all of those things that Tucker did. Enjoy the years.

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  3. This is my 20th YEAR blogging, so if it’s dead, clearly I haven’t gotten the message.

    As for the prank, to borrow your own famous phrase, “sorry, not sorry!” You weren’t the only one (although, surprisingly, my mom didn’t fall for it…could it be that, after all these years, she’s finally onto me?!).

    Hope you have a happy Easter, my friend!


  4. I really like blogging and meeting people and making connections even though it’s virtual. There’s something really lovely about the friendships I’ve made here. I’m glad to be a part of your blogging people!

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  5. Hi Claudette,
    Tucker is certainly keeping you annoyed, I mean entertained. I am sure he is going to grow out of it.
    As far as the lockdown, hang in there, hopefully this is the tail end of it all. We have to remain hopeful, what is the alternative?
    With that being said, I am grateful for being able to go to restaurants and feel social again.
    Wishing you a blessed Easter! β™₯β™₯
    Let’s keep on blogging!!

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    1. Poor thing annoys me even while he stays adorable, doesn’t he. πŸ˜€ If he could stop eating the πŸ’© I’d be a lot less annoyed. πŸ˜›

      I do ❀️ the pooch, and he’s helping us get through these endless lockdowns.

      Happy Easter to you too!

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  6. Blogging is definitely not dead. I follow so many boggers that I currently have 441 unread posts that were posted between yesterday and today.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter at your mom’s and that your shops and restaurants and wherever else it is you’re wanting to go open up soooooooooooooooooooon.

    Hang in there!

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  7. I think I’ve been blogging for 14 years. But I’ve bounced around from so many dying sites I don’t remember. As for beagles, their love of consuming poo is beyond explanation. Good thing they’re cute.

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  8. I don’t know how anyone has made it through lockdown without blogging.

    I sometimes spot the guinea pigs eating their regular poop, not just their cecotropes. Apparently this is normal and they usually do it at night when we don’t see them, but it seems rather unappealing to me.

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    1. They say it’s normal at the vet. I follow some Beagle hashtags on twitter and it seems pretty common, this πŸ’© eating. 😡

      He gets 3 walks a day, and plenty of play time most days between the walking. It’s gonna be hard for him when the pandemic is over and we all go back to our routines OUTSIDE of the house…,😳

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  9. The only thing I’ve done for 16 years is complain. Oh, and parent. I’ve been complaining about actively parenting for 32 years, and it ain’t over yetπŸ€ͺ

    It’s not just puppies that eat poop… sorry to burst your bubble. Zeus is 5 or 6 years old and… yeah, nevermind.🀒
    Lucky they’re cute.

    Daughter ordered food, we got Panda Express. What did you get?

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  10. Vaccination is the only road out of this awful pandemic Claudette, the UK threw every resource at getting as many people as they could vaccinated and from what info I can glean cases appear to be dropping and remember the UK had it bad!!! I digest the news on a need to know basis, which means I don’t, however I do research and follow everything vaccination religiously. Did you know apart from the 6 being used globally there are 170 coming, that the UK and I guess every first world country are building new vaccine producing factories as quickly as they can……….. fingers crossed there’ll be a worldwide glut of covid vaccine sooon and we’ll all return to some sort of normality. I’m afraid that’s the best I can do πŸ™‚ .

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  11. I’ve heard Canada isn’t moving very fast on the vaccine front? At least that was applied to BC directly above us, but maybe you as well? I have moments now with Covid since being vaccinated that I just want to run amok, toss off my mask, forget hand sanitizer is a thing and actually shop in a real store. Then logic wins out, because more variants keep popping up, and I just talk myself into staying the course. For entertainment I just Googled “why do dogs eat poop”. Interesting facts abound, but really sort of glad I no longer have a dog.

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    1. There are many issues and delays. I could rant all day but everyone has their own blame game, and this isn’t the place for it.

      Mom in her mid 70s got her first shot today, Pfizer. But they’re delaying the second until July 22. That’s because of a shortage…they’re trying to get more people the first shot than to do the two shots two weeks apart. Or something.

      We’ll get there, but I think we’ve earned the right to complain. It’s been over a year…right?

      I won’t be ditching masks that quickly either. The variants are dangerous and I do have contact with older, vulnerable people (or will when this thing eases up finally).

      Puppies eat dog poop. They see mom doing it when they’re still nursing. It’s her way of keeping the sleeping area clean. BUT BEAGLES WHO ARE NO LONGER PUPPIES RE DOING IT TO TICK OFF THE HOOMANS. :p

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  12. I, too, have been at this blogging thing for a long time and if it weren’t for blogging, that is clearly not dead, this last year would have been completely awful. Like you I wonder what happened to many of my early bloggy friends, but am pleased to have found new ones along the way. We keep on keeping on, don’t we?

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